Truck Enforcement & Permits

Permits | Truck Enforcement 

Truck enforcement exists to provide safe passage through Arlington Heights for all motor vehicle traffic, as they share the roads with larger and heavier commercial vehicles.  You need a permit for any movement on the Village of Arlington Heights maintained roadways with a non-divisible load that exceeds maximum weights & heights.  For 'Second Division Vehicle' permits relative to oversize and overweight limits, contact  the Operations Support Supervisor at 847.368.5388.  

The Village of Arlington Heights requires by local ordinance that any truck carrying overweight and/or oversized loads on any Village-maintained street must first obtain a Permit for Movement of Overweight/Oversized Vehicles (see below).  You must receive a valid Village permit before your travel.

First, complete the Movement of Overweight or Over-sized Vehicle Permit Application, found below. Include copies of your current excessive weight and/or over size permit issued by the State of Illinois, Cook County, or any township that has jurisdiction over those streets or highways included in your designated truck route.  

Then, submit the permit application form and other aforementioned permit forms to the Arlington Heights Police Department Traffic Bureau by fax to 847.392.7108, where the provided information will be reviewed in a timely manner, the correct permit fee will be calculated, and you will be contacted during regular weekday business hours concerning the method of payment for the permit fee. 

If you are not promptly re-contacted concerning your permit application, you may follow-up with   the Operations Support Supervisor at 847.368.5388, our the On-Duty Patrol Supervisor at 847.368.5339, or via e-mail correspondence to the Traffic Bureau at  

Payment for the permit application may be made to the Village Finance Department in the form of cash, a check or credit card payment.  For additional information, see the additional Overweight Only and/or Overweight and Over-sized Permit Fees documents.