New Police Station

Construction of New Police Station Underway

Construction of a new Police Station began in the summer of 2017 following approval by the Village Board. The decision process involved multiple specialized studies that were completed over several years along with months of approval meetings. The approved design includes a two-story building of approximately 70,500 square-feet and a 10,000 square foot garage. 

A need for a new station was evident for several years due to the nearly 40-year-old Police Station no longer being able to adequately serve the needs of a modern-day, 24/7, 365 days-a-year Police Department. Due to the facility’s 24/7 and 365 days a year operation, the facility’s actual age is closer to 108 years. Located at 200 E. Sigwalt Street, between Village Hall and Fire Station, the Police Station is the last large municipal building to be updated. It was built in 1978 as a 37,435 square foot facility that housed 80 officers and 12 support staff – the Department has since grown to a total staff of 139.
Design of new Police StationSpecialized firms studied the building, searching for viable options to make updates that would better accommodate the space needs for modern-day Police operations. It was learned that a renovation or expansion was not viable due to the numerous architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection issues with the current station. 

In addition to space constraints of the current facility, it would cost millions of dollars just to continue maintaining the station as a serviceable building because of significant repairs that were needed. Instead of investing millions of dollars into the aging structure that is outdated and inadequate for today’s policing needs, the Village Board decided to move forward on a redevelopment of the building. In planning for a new facility, it was determined that a new, larger station could fit on the existing footprint, which is part of the municipal campus. Building a new station by using the current site eliminated the costly need to purchase property for a new facility.

Construction of the new Police Station, which will be built between Village Hall and Fire Station 1, is estimated to cost $27.985 million. Funding for the construction, architectural and engineering expenses, parking improvements, demolishing the current facility and renting a temporary space for the Police Department was covered through selling a bond issue for $32.9 million with 2.93% interest.

The planned layout of the first and second floors of the new Police Station is designed to promote functionality which will enhance the effectiveness of police services. The proposed layout of the first floor includes a public information desk, booking area, the patrol division and the records areas.  

Plans for the second floor includes the investigations and community services divisions, administration, a workout area and locker rooms. The basement would include a firing range, training room, forensic laboratory and evidence storage. The Village is also planning to renovate and utilize a portion of Village Hall’s 4th floor for long term Police Department storage and long term off site storage in the Police Annex (former unused Fire Department facility). Utilization of existing facilities helps provide cost effective solutions.

Legat Architects and McClaren, Wilson, & Lawrie Inc. prepared construction drawings for the new Police Station site and Riley Construction has been hired as Construction Manager.

How the Village is Financing a new Police Station

In earlier budget discussions, the Village Board agreed to not spend an estimated $8.8 million needed to merely maintain the current Police facility for the next several years. That decision by the Board put the Village in a better position to fund most, if not all, of the costs of a new station within the existing debt service level.

The Village’s debt is expected to decrease in a few years due to the expiration of some bond issues, which means that a new Police station could be financed through bonds with minimal impact on the Village’s property tax level.