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About the Building & Life Safety Department

Building Services regulates: Buildings and building control systems including electrical, plumbing, mechanical, heating/ventilation and energy control systems; fire protection systems and fire safety provisions; and provisions for property/premise maintenance and upkeep. The department uses its administration, reviews and enforcement of regulations on permits, inspections and licensing for regulating construction, safe occupancy and use of all buildings/structures and premises. The department interfaces with the Building Code Review Board and the Electrical Commission on modifications to technical provisions of codes.
Permits, inspections and licensing activities are the core services common to all divisions within the department. The Director’s office provides administration, support and oversight for the core services and their daily operations.

Fire Safety Division : Located in Building & Life Safety Department

The responsibilities of Fire Prevention are administered by the Fire Safety Division in the Building Services Department. Fire and Life Safety plan reviews are performed by members of the Fire Safety Division. Inspections are performed by full time fire safety inspectors under the supervision of the Fire Safety Supervisor. Our goal is to decrease the number and severity of all fires and hazards for the community.

We believe this can be accomplished through an active fire code enforcement program, fire safety plan reviews and cooperation from the community. We strive to provide these services utilizing well trained and highly motivated personnel who understand the importance of customer service and fire safety. We strive to maintain a safe Arlington Heights for all residents, businesses and their patrons and the entire community. If you have questions and would like to speak with someone regarding fire prevention you may call 847.368.5594 or you may send an email to


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