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Spring Tree Planting: Frequently Asked Questions
It is officially tree planting season in the Village of Arlington Heights. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions by our residents. If your question does not appear on the list below, please contact our Forestry Department at 847.368.5842. 

Question: When will the gator bag and mulch arrive? 
Answer: A Gator bag and mulch will be installed within a week from the tree’s planting. 

Why am I only receiving one new tree in my parkway when two were removed? 
Answer: This is because of spacing issues. In order for a tree to be successful, 45 feet to 50 feet of spacing is required between trees. Not all parkways can accommodate this planting distance. 

Question: Does my new tree need to be watered immediately following planting?
Answer: No it does not. Your new tree was already watered on the day of planting. The next watering should occur when the gator bag and mulch is installed. 

Question: Why haven't I received my parkway tree, but my neighbor has?
Answer: Certain species must wait for optimal transplant timing.

Question: Why can't I select the type of tree that is planted in front of my house?
Answer: Tree selection is decided by certified arborist based on specific criteria including, but not limited to: mature height and width of tree, drainage, amount of sun, etc. The Village Of Arlington Heights selects which species they will plant years in advance in accordance with our EAB management plan, to further diversify our urban forest.  

Parkway Tree Watering Recommendations
The Village equips all newly planted parkway trees with a Treegator “watering bag” to help homeowners keep the trees healthy. These watering bags stay on the new trees for one growing season and are then removed by Public Works personnel. Watch the video below for instructions on how to fill your watering bag.

Fast forward the video to 1:34 to see the instructions.

The Village recommends residents water their parkway trees, especially newly planted ones! Fill the green “Gator” once per week. Additionally if you have had your ash tree treated for Emerald Ash Borer, watering it will help the tree transport the insecticide throughout it. Watering once a week with a garden hose or sprinkler can make a considerable difference in soil moisture and tree uptake. In extreme drought conditions, additional watering may be needed.

Sprinkling hours are as follows: Monday - Sunday, 8 AM to Noon, and 7 PM to 9 PM.

Remember slow, deep watering is better than quick, shallow watering! Questions can be directed to the Forestry Unit at 847-368-5800. 

About Public Works
The Public Works Department is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and operation of publicly owned property, infrastructure, and facilities. Responsibilities include providing Village services such as snow and ice control, street cleaning, maintenance of street lighting, street signs and traffic signals, maintenance of the water and sewer systems, vehicle maintenance, tree removal and trimming, buildings and grounds maintenance and many other diverse tasks necessary to provide a pleasant and safe environment for the Village’s residents.

Faced with continuing economic challenges and budget cuts, the Public Works Department is committed to working harder and smarter in order to continue the high level of service that the residents of Arlington Heights have come to expect and deserve.

Department offices are located in the L. A. Hanson Center, 222 N. Ridge Avenue. Hours of operations are 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday and you may reach us by phone at 847.368.5800. For after-hours emergencies call 847.368.5300.

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