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Reminder, No Signs in Parkways

March 2, 2017
As the April 4th Election Day approaches, it’s important to remind citizens that campaign signs cannot be placed on the parkway along roads. This is true for any type of temporary sign that is stuck into the ground. The parkway is the area between the sidewalk and the road when sidewalks are present.

The parkway width is variable in areas where no sidewalks are present, but the Village considers a sign placed within two feet of the pavement edge in those areas to be violation of our code. It is also prohibited to place signs on vacant properties when you don’t have permission of the property owner.
Signs placed in the parkway are prohibited as they can create visibility problems for motorists. Signs cannot obstruct or impair access to a public sidewalk, public or private street, or driveway, traffic control sign, bus stop, fire hydrant, or any other type of street furniture, or otherwise create a hazard, including a tripping hazard.

Also, signs cannot be posted on trees, utility poles, fences, or other structures within the public right of way. Village Staff will remove signs if they are seen to be in violation of our code. The Village does not wish to infringe on any resident’s or campaign’s First Amendment right to place political signs, but the Village must enforce the Municipal Code for any violations found.


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