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2017 Street Resurfacing & Reconstruction Program

May 17, 2017
The Village’s Street Resurfacing Program will begin later in May with Arrow Road Construction, Inc., and the Street Reconstruction Program will be completed by Johnson Paving Company.
In the 2017 Budget, $8 million has been budgeted for street programs, which includes street resurfacing, street reconstruction, and pavement rejuvenation for asphalt streets completed in recent resurfacing and reconstruction programs. See 2017 map of projects.
The Village also conducts an in-house paving program through the Public Works Department that helps extend the life of Village streets before needing resurfacing, rehabilitation or reconstruction. Streets listed for this year’s asphalt maintenance program are listed at the end of this article.
Each year, a team from the Engineering and Public Works Departments examine the Village’s street network to assess the condition of streets. Streets selected for the resurfacing program are in the beginning stages of deterioration, and the resurfacing program is intended to extend the life of the street. Intermittent curb and sidewalk are also removed and replaced as needed before the street is milled and resurfaced.
2017 Resurfacing Program List
A total of 5.80 miles of streets will be resurfaced in 2017 as part of this program. Residents living on streets scheduled for resurfacing will be mailed construction notices in advance of any activity. Once work begins on a street, construction will take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. For any questions regarding the resurfacing projects listed below, please email Nanci Julius of the Engineering Department at or call 847-368-5255.
Street                           Limits

Belmont Ave                 Oakton St to cul-de-sac
Campbell St                  Windsor Ave to Gibbons Ave
Carlyle Ct                     Windsor Ave to Windsor Ave     
Chatham Pl                   Carlyle Pl to Northwest Highway
Clarendon Ave               Belmont Ave to Pine Ave
Derbyshire Ln                Kensington Rd to Carlyle Pl
Douglas Ave                  Ivy Ln to Suffield Dr
Elm St                          Walnut Ave to Chestnut Ave
Elm St                          Illinois Ave to Kennicott Ave
Haddow Ct                    Oakton St to cul-de-sac
Haven Dr                      Noyes St to Fernandez Ave
Hickory Ave                  Olive St to Thomas St
Ironwood Dr                   Euclid Ave to cul-de-sac
Kaspar Ave                   Sigwalt St to Campbell St
Kaspar Ave                   Fairview St to Salem St
Kennicott Ave                Nichols Rd to dead end
Maude Ave                    Arlington Heights Rd to Evergreen Ave
Nichols Rd                    Kennicott Ave to Wilke Rd
Northwood Ct                Rolling Ln to cul-de-sac
Noyes St                      Douglas Ave to Arlington Heights Rd
Park St                         Princeton Ave to Yale Ave
Parkview Ct                  Belmont Ave to cul-de-sac
Pine Ave                       Clarendon Ave to cul-de-sac
Reuter Dr                      Sigwalt St to Campbell St
Rolling Ln                      Euclid Ave to cul-de-sac
Walnut Ave                   Maude Ave to Ridge Ave
Walnut Ave                   Maude Ave to Palatine Rd
Waverly Ct                    Raleigh St to cul-de-sac
Wilshire Ln                    Miner St to Euclid Ave
Yale Ave                       Northwest Highway to Oakton St
2017 Reconstruction List
A total of 2.90 miles of streets will be reconstructed in 2017 as part of this program. Residents living on streets scheduled for reconstruction will be mailed construction notices in advance of any activity.  Once work begins on a street, construction will take approximately 10-12 weeks to complete, but the most disruptive work will take approximately 4-6 weeks.  For questions regarding the reconstruction projects listed below, please email Briget Schwab of the Engineering Department at ,, or call 847-368-5257.
Streets selected for Street Reconstruction are in worse condition then streets selected for resurfacing. These streets are at a stage of deterioration where the curb and gutter is no longer functioning properly, subbase failure is observed, and the main part of the street is in poor condition.
The entire street is removed down to the subgrade including the curb and gutter. The curb and gutter is installed and the street is replaced with full depth asphalt. This project may also require grade changes so the driveway approaches are completely removed and replaced from the sidewalk to the curb. This project also includes intermittent sidewalk and drainage structure repair.
Reconstruction Streets
Street                           Limits   
Burke Dr                       Cherry Ln to Palatine Rd
Briar St                         Burke Dr to Brighton Pl
Burr Oak Dr                   Arlington Heights Rd to Windsor Dr
Canterbury Dr                Prindle Ave to Phelps Ave
Phelps Ave & Ct            Canterbury Dr to Suffield Dr
Suffield Dr                     Phelps Ave to Waterman Ave
Redwood Dr                  Pinetree Dr to Burke Dr
Ridge Ave                     Oakton St to Thomas St
Windsor Dr                    Hintz Rd to Flentie Dr
Flentie Dr                      Windsor Dr to Buffalo Grove Rd        
2017 Pavement Rejuvenation
Pavement rejuvenation was completed as a field test on a few streets in the Village in 2013 and 2014 by applying Reclamite, which is an emulsion made up of specific petroleum oils and resins and was formulated to extend the life cycle of asphalt pavement by restoring and preserving the asphalt’s binder.  This field test has been successful, and Reclamite will be applied to all streets completed in 2016, as well as two streets that were reconstructed in 2015.  Residents will be mailed notices by the Engineering Department, and will also be notified by the contractor prior to the Reclamite application process.
Street                           Limits
Avon Ln                        Avon Ct to Sherwood Rd
Berkley Dr                     Kennicott Ave to Highland Ave
Bradford Ct                   Bradford Dr to cul-de-sac
Bradford Dr                   Hintz Rd to Wavelry Rd
Brampton Ln                  Walnut Ave to Highland Ave
Brighton Pl                    Dryden Pl to Windsor Dr
Burton Pl                       George St to Grove St
Butternut Ln                  Harvard Ave to cul-de-sac
Cambridge St                Wilke Rd to Verde Dr
Canterbury Dr                Stratford Rd to Prindle Ave
Clarendon St                 Dryden Ave to Windsor Dr
Cleveland Ave               Rockwell St to Central Rd
Cottonwood Ln              Harvard Ave to cul-de-sac
Crabtree Dr                   Windsor Dr to Waverly Dr
Davis St                       Dryden Pl to Cleveland Ave
Dover Ct                       Lillian Ave to cul-de-sac
Dryden Pl / Dryden Ct    Hintz Rd to Windsor Dr
Dunton Ave                   Magnolia St to Central Ave
Fairview St                    Arlington Heights Rd to Pine Ave
Fernandez Pl                 Ridge Ave to cul-de-sacs
Francis Dr                     Princeton Ave to Patton Ave
Harvard Ave                  Euclid Ave to the south
Heather Ln                    Harvard Ave to cul-de-sac
Heather Ln                    Harvard Ave to Dwyer Ave
Highland Ave                 Nichols Rd to Whitehall Dr
Illinois Ave                    Northwest Highway to Oakton St
Kingsley Dr                   Ridge Ave to Highland Ave
La Salle St                    Walnut Ave to Highland Ave
Lillian Ln                       Waterman Rd to Dale Ave
Lincoln Ct                     Thomas St to cul-de-sac
Meade Ln                      Schaefer Rd to Yale Ave
Mitchell Dr                    Brampton Ln to Highland Ave
Mitchell Ave                  Cypress St to Central Rd
Mulberry Ln                   Harvard Ave to cul-de-sac
Nichols Rd                    Arlington Heights Rd to Kennicott Ave
Noyes St                      Fernandez Ave to Highland Ave
Pine Ave                       Fairview St to north of Park St
Plum Grove Circle         Highland Ave to Arlington Heights Rd
Princeton Ave                Francis Dr to Park St
Ridge Ave                     Palatine Frontage Rd to Thomas St
Ridge Ct                       Ridge Ave to cul-de-sac
St James Pl                  Reuter Dr to Miner St
Suffield Dr                     Windsor Dr to Phelps Ave
Thomas St                    Wilke Rd to Yale Ave
Vail Ave                        Magnolia St to court
Walnut Ave                   Northwest Highway to Hawthorne St
Walnut Ave                   Oakton St to Thomas St
Whiting Ln                     Kennicott Ave to Nichols Rd
Wing St                         Salem Ave to Ridge Ave
Yale Ave                       Schaefer Rd to Meade Ln


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