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Join Village's Idle Free Effort to Improve Air Quality

May 14, 2012
Arlington Heights invites residents to embrace the Village’s new “Idle Free Arlington” educational campaign to help improve our community’s environment. Earlier this year, the Village Board unanimously supported the promotion of an educational campaign to encourage Village employees, residents and businesses to practice the simple task of idling their vehicles less.
To increase the awareness of the program, “Idle Free Zone” signs will be posted in areas where vehicles tend to idle. These signs include an image that promotes the positive effects of idling less. With the public embracing an effort to idle their vehicles less – even to reduce idling by 10 seconds – results in cleaner air for everyone. The 2013 Village vehicle sticker's design also incorporates an idle free message.  

Village employees are embracing the program as well. As part of our municipal effort to be “green,” idling-reduction guidelines are being established to encourage Staff to idle less while driving Village vehicles. Idling reduction complements our sustainability programs and reinforces the  important role the Village has in reducing emissions, lowering fuel consumption and improving air quality for citizens.
With residents and businesses joining the Village’s effort to idle less, they will positively effect air quality and will burn less fuel, which not only helps save the environment but also saves themselves money.
Here are some opportunities to turn off your car and reduce idling:
  • While picking up the kids from school or extra curricular activities
  • While waiting for a train at a crossing, or while waiting at long-light intersections
  • At the bank or other drive-through windows
 Did you know these interesting facts about idling?:
  • One hour of idling burns up to a gallon of fuel
  • Children’s asthma symptoms increase as a result of exposure to car and truck exhaust
  • Asthma is the most common chronic illness in children and the leading cause of school absences
  • Idling cars in the Chicago area create 25 tons of pollution per day
 Please consider joining the Village in improving the quality of life for all residents of Arlington Heights.
Click here to read  “Idle Free Arlington” on additional tips and the positive effects of idling less.


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