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Village Road Improvement Projects

Resurfacing Program
For questions regarding the Resurfacing Program, please call Nanci Julius, the Project Engineer, at 847-368-5255.
Alley (Stonegate)*
Wilshire to Brighton
Burton St*
Central Rd to Orchard St
Chestnut Ave
Euclid Ave to Oakton St
Chestnut Ave
Palatine Rd to LaSalle St
Embers Ln
Shady Way to Kimber Ln
Evanston Ave
Kensington Rd to Miner St
Evergreen Ave
Hawthorne St to Cul-de-sac
Forrest Ave
Kensington Rd to Miner St
Foxdale Lane
Ridge Ave to Highland Ave
Gibbons Ave
Euclid Ave to Oakton St
Harvard Ave/Salem Dr
Nichols Rd to Terramere Ave
Haven St*
Belmont Ave to Douglas Ave
Independence Ct
Goebbert Rd to Cul-de-sac
Kaspar Ave
Campbell St to Miner St
Kaspar Ave
Grove St to Sigwalt St
Kimber Ln
Embers Ln to Cedar Glen Dr
Lincoln Ln
Miner St to dead end
Miner St
Arlington Heights Rd to Dryden Ave
Orchard St*
Arlington Heights Rd to Beverly Ln
Park St
Fernandez Ave to Highland Ave
Pennsylvania Ct
Goebbert Rd to Cul-de-sac
Plymouth Ct
Verde Dr to Cul-de-sac
Salem Ave
Campbell St to Sigwalt St
Sigwalt St
Ridge Ave to Highland Ave
Sunset Terrace
Dwyer Ave to Cul-de-sac
Talbot St
Dryden, to the east
Vail Ave
South St to Park St
Vail Ave
Cedar St to White Oak St
Vine St
Fernandez Ave to Ridge Ave
Wilke Rd
Dundee Rd to Ventura Dr
Windsor Dr & Lillian (dead end)
Dryden Ave to Palatine Rd
Lot S
South half of commuter parking lot
* Streets do not have curb and gutter or sidewalk.
Chesterfield Dr
Highland Ave to Pickwick Rd
Highland Ave
Golf Rd to Victoria Ln
Millbrook Ln
Golf Rd to Chesterfield Dr
Pickwick Rd
Highland Ave to Arlington Heights Rd
Salem Ave
Wing St to Miner St
Surrey Ridge Dr
Millbrook Ln to Pickwick Rd
Victoria Ln
Highland Ave to Chesterfield Dr
Reconstruction Program
For questions regarding this program, please call Briget Schwab, the Project Engineer, at 847-368-5257.
Newbury Place
Lynden Lane to Grove Street
Appletree Lane
Chestnut Avenue to the East (Stop @ Bend)
Eastwood Drive
Palatine Road to Redwood Lane
Spruce Terrace
Redwood Lane to South
Burke Drive
Cherry Lane to Ivy Lane
Suffield Drive
Brighton Place to Windsor Drive
Ridge Drive
Fernandez Avenue to Fernandez Avenue
Highland Avenue
Central Road to 1102/1107 S Highland Ave
Mitchell Avenue
White Oak Street to Cypress Street


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