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Living Green!


Going green

Living Green in Arlington Heights

Our planet's environmental happiness and healthiness is not only a global issue, but one that sits in our own backyard. The Village of Arlington Heights has always been led by an innovative Board that plans for tomorrow. Because of this, challenges have been anticipated and careful planning was done throughout the years to address some of the environmental and geographic challenges facing the Village. 

The Environmental Commission, established by the Village in 1971, is an advisory group to the Village Board and works in conjunction with the Health Department towards implementing various programs. Arlington Heights is one of the first communities to begin a residential recycling program and later start a business recycling program. The Village is now one of the leading communities in terms of the amount of recyclables collected. The Village’s environmental efforts encompass a broad spectrum of activities with the goal of improving environmental health and encouraging environmental awareness.

Green Tip: Join Our Effort to Idle Less
Arlington Heights invites you in its efforts to idle less and improve the quality of air that we breathe. Watch the Idle Free Arlington, Breathe Easy video as well as learn more on how idling your vehicle less can make a positive impact!



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