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Idle Free Arlington Heights

The Village of Arlington Heights invites drivers in the community and Village employees to reduce idling, which leads to improved community health. Vehicle emissions are the largest contributor to outdoor air pollution, so your efforts will enable everyone to breathe easy. Please watch the Idle Free Arlington, Breathe Easy video for quick tips on what you can do to idle less.

The effects of idling less
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Environmental protection
  • Enhanced community health
  • Saves money. Idling for 10 seconds uses more fuel than turning off the engine and restarting it.
  • Argonne National Laboratory research suggests that if each car in the United States idles just 6 minutes per day, about 3 billion gallons of fuel is wasted annually - costing drivers $10 billion or more.
  • A vehicle idling for 10 minutes uses as much fuel as it takes to drive 5 miles.
  • Excessive idling can result in fuel not undergoing complete combustion, leaving fuel residue on spark plugs and increasing fuel consumption.
What can you do?
  • Turn off your engine while waiting longer than 10 seconds
  • Reduce the amount of time you let your vehicle "warm up."
  • For temperature control inside your vehicle, driving is the best way to reach your preferred temperature
  • Consider alternative forms of transportation such as walking, riding a bike or taking public transportation
  • Spread the word to friends and family and invite them to think of ways they could reduce idling.

Idle Free Zone Signs Installed

“Idle Free Zone” signs will be popping up throughout Arlington Heights as way to encourage drivers to consider practices that will reduce idling of their vehicles. 

The first signs were installed this spring at Westgate School, with more to come at seven District 25 schools, two District 214 schools, the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, District 21 schools, the Park District and Village facilities. 

Shutting off your vehicle while dropping off or picking up your child or a passenger is a great step in saving fuel, saving money and helping everyone “breathe easy.” 

Video of Idle Free Zone sign installation





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