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Refuse, Recycling & Landscape Waste

Single family residences have refuse collection services once-a-week with an option to subscribe to twice-a-week garbage collection per the Village's contract with Groot. Click here for Groot brochure to learn about options and pricing. To subscribe to twice a week collection, please contact Groot at 800-244-1977.

Refuse carts & recycling carts are provided free to residents. Residents may contact Groot to request a different sized cart at no cost.

Collection Frequency 

Residents with once-a-week, refuse, recycling and landscape waste will be collected on the "primary service days" explained below. Residents subscribing to twice-a-week refuse collection will have refuse only collected on Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday. Level of service changes may be made once annually at no charge. Any additional level of service changes will cost $25.

Primary Service Days are: Monday, North of Oakton St. & West of Arlington Heights Rd. Tuesday, South of Oakton St. & West of Arlington Heights Rd. Thursday, North of Oakton St. & East of Arlington Heights Rd. Friday, South of Oakton St. & East of Arlington Heights Rd. 
Landscape Waste
Landscape waste stickers will continue to be required on all landscape waste bags and bundles prior to collection, except for subscription programs listed below. The price of a sticker will be increasing to $2.65, starting on April 1, 2017. Stickers can be purchased at local grocery and hardware stores, Village Hall and the Arlington Heights Senior Center (see list below). Christmas trees only will be collected during the first two weeks of January.
Two-for-One Program for Collection of Leaves
From October 30 until December 15, one sticker can be used for every two bags of leaves. The two-for-one sticker option applies to leaves only.

Landscape Waste Subscription Program

The bag/bundle subscription program allows 3 unstickered bags/bundles of landscape waste to be placed at the curb for collection from April 3 - October 13, and up to 10 unstickered bags/bundles from October 16 - December 15.
Landscape Waste/Food Scrap Subscription Program
Residents may subscribe for a Landscape Waste/Food Scrap collection program with either a 65-gallon or 95-gallon cart. Residents can choose to use the carts for landscape waste only, or landscape waste and approved food scraps. The approved food scraps are included in the new Groot brochure that is delivered to households in March.
Cost for the Landscape Waste/Food Scrap program, which includes a 65-gallon or 95-gallon cart, will cost $167.48 a season for a 95-gallon cart and $152.25 a season for a 65-gallon cart. Residents choosing this option must subscribe by contacting Groot by emailing or calling 800-244-1977. While residents can subscribe to this program any time, it is best to subscribe before the landscape season begins April 3. Pricing to participate in this program will not be pro-rated.
If participating in this program, any landscape-only waste that does not fit inside of the 65-gallon or 95-gallon carts must be put into landscape waste bags or bundled and placed next to the cart. Each bag/bundle must have a $2.65 landscape waste sticker affixed. From October 16 - December 15, up to 10 unstickered bags/bundles may be placed at the curb next to the bin for collection. 

Residents can purchase landscape waste stickers at the following locations: 
  • Village of Arlington Heights | Village Hall 33 S. Arlington Hts. Rd. | Arlington Heights
  • Arlington Heights Senior Center | 1801 W. Central Rd. | Arlington Heights
  • Zimmerman True Value | 745 Buffalo Grove Rd. | Buffalo Grove
  • Sherwin Ace Hardware | 1705 Campbell | Arlington Heights
  • Jewel | 122 Vail | Arlington Heights
  • Jewel | 440 Rand Rd. | Arlington Heights
  • Jewel | 1860 Arlington Hts. Rd. | Arlington Heights
  • Jewel | 333 Euclid | Mt. Prospect
  • Jewel | 3000 Kirchoff Rd. | Rolling Meadows
  • Lowe's | 990 W Algonquin Rd. | Arlington Heights
  • Neradt Ace Hardware | 1753 W. Golf Rd. | Mt. Prospect
  • Walgreen's #9246 | 1000 Northwest Highway | Arlington Heights
  • Walgreen's #39 | 235 Palatine Road | Arlington Heights
  • Mariano's Fresh Market | 802 E. Northwest Highway | Arlington Heights
  • Mariano's Fresh Market | 545 N. Hicks Rd. | Palatine
  • True Value | 1215 E Rand Rd | Arlington Heights
  • Tony's Finer Foods | 1241 N Rand Rd | Prospect Heights
Electronics Pick-up
For $30.45 Groot will pick up 6 electronic items now banned from landfills. To arrange a collection, please call Groot at 800-244-1977.


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