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Arlington Heights Municipal Code

The Arlington Heights Municipal Code is online, providing users a convenient way to view all chapters of the Code and to easily search the Code.

To access the Municipal Code, click on the link below which will take you to a web page showing links for Village Code, Ordinances and Resolutions. Click on the Municipal Code link and view all chapters of the Code except for Chapter 28, which contains the Zoning Regulations and is included in a separate folder titled "Chapter 28."

When your review of the Code is complete, please remember to click on the word "Logout" in the upper right hand corner of the web page to ensure other users are able to easily access the information.

View Municipal Code

View Ordinances & Resolutions

The following Code amendments have been recently approved by the Village Board:

Ordinance    Code Sections

Number        Amended                                       Subject
13-025           5.5-1                                                Permitted Use Table
                                                                               Recreation Facilities, Commercial
                      6.12                                                  Traffic Engineering Approval

13-028          Ch. 1, Art. II                                       Form & Distribution
                     Ch. 1, Art. III                                       Recordation and Amendments
                     2-204                                                 Order of Business
                     12-002                                               Permit Required
                     12-1003                                             Application
                     12-1004                                             Admin. Procedures for App. for Permit
                     12-1005                                             Solicitation Upon the Public Streets
                     14-102                                               Licensed Businesses and Fees
                     2-205                                                 Citizens to be Heard

13-031         5.1-23                                                 Overlay Zoning District - Hickory/
                                                                                Kensington Area

13-033         18-808e                                              Administrative Adjudication of Parking
                                                                                and Compliance Violations

13-035         23-104                                                Demolition of Buildings

13-035         14.2                                                    Design Commission

13-037         6-504e                                               Housing Commission Affordable Housing
                                                                              Trust Fund
                    Ch. 7, Art. XII                                     Affordable Housing Trust Fund

13-042         16-103                                               Prohibited Animals
                    16-108                                               Uncontrolled Animals

13-049         13-101                                               Banquet halls to hold events open to the
                                                                               public as an ancillary use

If you would like a copy of any of the above ordinances, contact Lynette Buechner, Legal Department, at 847-368-5702 or at

The Code is updated with amendments approved by the Village Board of Trustees on a quarterly basis. Hard copies of the following Code chapters can be purchased at the Finance Department Front Counter:
  • Chapter 11 : Food & Food Establishments : $2.00
  • Chapter 23 : Building Regulations : $25.00 additional $5 fee for amendments
  • Chapter 24 : Plumbing Regulations : $8.00
  • Chapter 25 : Electricity Regulations : $17.00
  • Chapter 27 : Fire Regulations : $4.00
  • Chapter 28 : Zoning Regulations : $40.00
  • Chapter 29 : Subdivision Control Regulations : $5.00
  • Chapter 30 : Sign Regulations : $5.00



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