Village Board's Strategic Priorities

2017 Strategic Priorities

These priorities and sub-priorities reflect the views of the Village Board identified at the April 5th, 2016 Village Board goal setting session. Village Staff will develop a list of detailed programs with accountability measures for FY 2017 that addresses these priorities as part of a business plan document.

1. Continue Infrastructure Improvement Efforts
a. Develop plan and begin implementation of enhanced flood control improvements 

b. Continue progress on enhanced water/road program

2. Strengthen Downtown Area to Enable Continued Success in the Future, Given Evolving Market and Demographics of our community
a. Examine ways to facilitate greater Entertainment/Restaurant Emphasis

b. Examine whether Zoning Ordinance and other codes should be updated to  facilitate desired uses in the Downtown

c. Encourage Development of Block 425

d. Evaluate Downtown Ice Rink, other “destination” activities and events

3. Staffing and Financial Planning
a. Embrace succession planning as a philosophy in each department

b. Ensure that staffing levels and department structures are optimized                                                                                                                       

4. Strengthen Communication and Relationship with the Business Community
a. Identify ways to improve business processes to increase customer service and  efficiency

b. Work closely with Chamber of Commerce through the Small Business Program to help identify business community perspectives and needs

5. Strengthen Commercial Corridor Competitiveness
a. Evaluate prudent physical corridor improvements for Rand Road, Southtown/Southern Hotel District and other corridors               

b. Work towards implementation of TIF 4 and TIF 5 redevelopment goals

c. Examine whether commercial corridor zoning should be updated

6. Evaluate new ways for the Village to stay informed and involved in the legislative process and its impact
a. Explore new programs such as a dedicated lobbyist and/or greater involvement  with regional organizations.

Evaluate the Village of Arlington Heights’ Identity and Brand in the Community and Region