Village Board Approves Ordinance Regarding Village-Owned Parking Lots and Garages

May 17, 2023
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At the April 10th Committee of the Whole (COW) Meeting the Village Board discussed possible physical improvements and code changes to help address the recent increase in nuisance incidents at the Village’s parking facilities. At that meeting, the Village Board directed Staff to draft an ordinance that would implement the code changes discussed and to further research physical improvements that could help address nuisance and safety concerns.

At the Village Board Meeting on May 15, 2023, the ordinance was approved by the Village Board. Watch May 15th Video

The ordinance includes the following changes to the Village Code:

  • To prohibit the use of the Village Parking Facilities for any use other than travelling in a vehicle, entering or exiting a vehicle, or walking to or from a vehicle (including bicycles)
  • To prohibit the leaving of any personal property in a Village Parking Facility other than a vehicle or bicycle in accordance with Village rules
  • The creation of rules for the removal and storage of private property by the Village, if found to be stored illegally in a parking facility.
    • Property left behind may be removed by the Village 7 days after advance notice of removal
    • Property removed will be stored for 30 days and may be disposed of if not retrieved by the owner.
  • Violation of the code will be subject to penalties and fines as set forth in Section 18-216i of the Code, including community service.