Arlington Heights Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

The Village of Arlington Heights Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee in consultation with the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning has written a new Bikeways and Pedestrian Plan. This Plan is a part of the Village’s Comprehensive Plan, and was approved by the Village Board in September, 2017.

This Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan builds upon and advances successful efforts already completed or underway by the Village of Arlington Heights to cultivate a vibrant, lively downtown and safe, attractive, and livable neighborhoods where walking and bicycling are convenient ways to travel. It provides detailed recommendations for specific locations in Arlington Heights where bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure improvements are needed to achieve key, Villagewide goals related to access, mobility, health, and sustainability and identifies actions that the Village can take to improve and enhance its active transportation network, create safe and enjoyable bicycle and pedestrian routes, and encourage sustainable local transportation.

Other documents pertaining to the Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan include the existing conditions report from July, 2015 and the appendices to the Plan.