Request for Quote

The Village of Arlington Heights is releasing a RFQ for engineering services for the Vail Promenade which is a beautification/streetscape project in Downtown Arlington Heights.   The purpose of the Village of Arlington Heights Vail Promenade Plan is to enhance pedestrian health and safety for the general public by installing sustainable streetscape and pedestrian infrastructure in the Downtown adjacent to Harmony Park. This area is where community events are held as well as outdoor dining occurs. Improvements will include the elimination of some on street parking and widening of sidewalks, the implementation of permeable pavers, bollards to mark the sidewalk edge, street furniture, planter boxes and the installation of street tables which will allow for the quick conversion of the street to the pedestrian realm.  If you would like to be considered in the consultant selection process, please respond to the RFQ. 

RFQ documents may be obtained by contacting Derek Mach at [email protected].