Business Incentives

We offer several incentive opportunities to help businesses grow and thrive. Businesses that generate a substantial amount of sales tax, provide a significant number of quality employment opportunities, or fill an unmet need in the Village’s business community may be eligible. Below are incentives that are offered by the Village, as well as other business organizations at the federal, state, and local levels. If you think your business may be eligible for one or more of these incentives please contact the Village's Business Development Manager, at 847.368.5200 or at [email protected].

Zero Interest Loan Program | Up to $25,000
The Zero Interest Loan Program is designed to assist new businesses looking to start operations in Arlington Heights, and existing businesses that are looking to grow and expand within the Village. This will benefit both the community and region by increasing employment, reducing vacancies, and creating business-to-business and business-to-consumer opportunities. Eligible applicants are for-profit business owners or property owners who are looking to enhance their Arlington Heights operation or facility.

Qualified applicants will be awarded an interest-free loan of up to 75% of their project costs for a maximum of five years not to exceed $25,000 from the Village (larger requests can be considered on an individual basis). Brick-and-mortar businesses in operation within  Arlington Heights for over three years may be considered for a forgivable provision of up to 20% of the value of the loan. Businesses must comply with appropriate governmental regulations, including those outlined in the Zero Interest Loan Program Policy and Procedures. Among the eligible costs for the loan:

  • Start-up or relocation into an Arlington Heights property
  • Expansion within current location
  • Build-out of tenant space
  • Purchase of machinery or equipment
  • Energy efficiency improvements
  • Upgrades to technology
  • Installation of vehicle charging stations
  • Other improvements as may be approved by the Village that enhance occupancy rates, employment figures, and/or tax revenue
Fill out a Zero Interest Loan Application today to help grow your successful business!

Retail Small Business Incentive Program
The Village is offering eligible retail businesses to participate in the Small Business Sales Tax Rebate Program. The program is designed to attract new small retail businesses under 5,000 square feet to the Village as well as help existing small retail businesses to expand. For more information, please contact the Village of Arlington Heights Business Development Coordinator at 847.368.5200. This program was developed by the Arlington Heights Economic Alliance, an appointed commission of local business people working with the Village to keep the local economy strong.

Class 6b Tax Abatement Program
The process of obtaining a Class 6b classification is administered through the Cook County Assessor's Office. Per the Cook County Assessor's Office, it was "designed to encourage industrial development throughout Cook County by offering a real estate tax incentive for the development of new industrial facilities, the rehabilitation of existing industrial structures, and the industrial reutilization of abandoned buildings. The goal of Class 6b is to attract new industry, stimulate expansion and retention of existing industry and increase employment opportunities." One of the eligibility requirements is that the municipality in which the real estate is located must support and consent to the filing of the Class 6b Application. For more information, please contact the Village of Arlington Heights Business Development Coordinator at 847.368.5200.

Industrial Revenue Bonds
Industrial businesses looking to expand may be eligible for an industrial revenue bond. Among eligible expenses are new building construction, land acquisition, and purchase of machinery and equipment. These government-sponsored bonds are tax exempt, allowing for lower-than-market interest rates and long-term fixed rate financing. The business is liable for the bond repayment. For more information, please contact the Village of Arlington Heights Business Development Coordinator at 847.368.5200.

Arlington Economic Alliance Business Marketing Video Program
The Arlington Economic Alliance launched the Business Marketing Video Program for businesses within the corporate limits of the Village to air business marketing videos on the municipal access channel. When local businesses thrive, the entire community benefits and that's why this program was created to allow your business to reach the local market through the Village's local Government Access Cable Channel. (WOW ch. 6, Comcast ch. 17 & ATT U-verse) The airtime will be free for the first 90 Days! As part of the " Keep It Local, Business Showcase" videos ranging in length from 30 to 120 seconds will be produced for participating Arlington Heights businesses and will be broadcast on the Government Access Channel approximately 6 times a day for 90 days! In addition, your video will be on YouTube and linked to the Village's website. Also, the village has arranged for special pricing for the production of local business highlight videos from locally owned and operated video production company Lorelle Communications. Contact Lorelle Communications today for more details: 847-394-1600 or email Lorelle Video. Check out the videos that have already been showcased and are now on our YouTube channel.

Other Programs and Incentives
In addition to the programs highlighted above, several other business organizations representing Arlington Heights also offer a variety of business programs and incentives. We will be happy to help you, just contact the Business Development Coordinator at 847.368.5200.