Cultural Arts Award

Nominate Someone for Cultural Arts Award
Posted on 06/06/2018

The Village of Arlington Heights Arts Commission is proud to celebrate achievements in the arts, especially when produced by individuals and groups that our community has helped in some way to nurture, inspire, or support.

The Arts Commission’s goal is to assist in building on the sense of pride and
community in our Village, especially among the artists who reside and work here. With this award, the Arts Commission also hopes to inspire future generations of artists.

The nomination process is open until August 24, 2018.  Those interested in nominating someone for this award may do so by downloading our nomination form. Anyone may make a recommendation, although artists may not nominate themselves and to avoid conflicts of interest, current Arts Commissioners.

If you have any questions regarding the nomination process, please call or email Derek Mach at 847.368.5232 or email

The selection process is administered by the Arts Commission, and three criteria for the award are:
1. Nominees will be those individuals or groups directly responsible for the creation of substantial and accomplished creative work in any artistic medium, including (but not limited to): painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, textile art, multi-media art, film, television, video, music, sound, dance, theatre, performance, and all forms of literature.

2. Nominees must exhibit a resume which would include local and regional
achievements, and where possible, national and international accomplishments. Any number of accomplishments will be considered, if what has been produced has been recognized as particularly outstanding.

3. Nominees should have a past or present relationship with the Arlington Heights community in some way, such as residence, education, or work. Any evidence that an artist has given back to the community should be highlighted in the nomination.