Severe Weather Month

March is Severe Weather Preparedness Month
Posted on 03/01/2019

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) observes the month of March as Severe Weather Preparedness Month in the State of Illinois. Sever weather in the form of tornadoes, lightening, flash floods, damaging winds and destructive hail strike Illinois each spring, summer and fall.

With the use of storm tracking technology, such as Doppler radar, fast communication systems and better Skywarn storm spotting networks, meteorologists are able to provide more accurate and timely warnings for destructive tornadoes and severe storms. In order for the warnings to be effective, people must receive the warnings in a timely manner and take proper actions to protect themselves.

Arlington Heights maintains one of the most advanced outdoor severe weather warning systems available, but residents should not solely rely on that system as the primary method of receiving tornado warnings at home. The sirens placed throughout the Village are there to warn people who are outdoors to take cover. At home, the best way to ensure you receive severe weather warnings at any time of the day is with a tone alert NOAA Weather Radio. A NOAA Weather Radio alerts people with a high-pitched alarm and can be programmed to only alert you to warnings for a specific county or area. The radios cost between $20 to $80 and can be purchased in electronic stores.

The Arlington Heights Fire Department and those in emergency management encourage residents to develop a safety plan for use in your home, workplace, school, vehicle and outdoor activities. Beware of severe weather safety rules. For more information visit or call the Arlington Heights Emergency Management Agency at 847-368-5450.