Campaign Signs

Where Can Campaign Signs Be Placed?
Posted on 03/05/2019
Campaign Signs

Now that Election time is here, candidates are reminded that political campaign signs are allowed on private property only (with the property owner’s permission) and not on public property. Public property includes parkways, which includes the area between sidewalks and the road, or several feet on each side of a roadway with no sidewalks. Signs located in parkways will be removed.

Signs can be posted on empty private lots, provided the property owner has given permission to do so. Campaign signs cannot be posted on trees, utility poles, fences or other structures within the public right of way. The Municipal Code requires that individual signs not exceed eight square feet on residential properties.

Please be aware that during Early Voting at Village Hall, campaign signs cannot be closer than 100 feet to polling places, per State law. Signs are allowed on the parkway while voting is going on at polling places, as long as it is more than 100 feet from the polling place. Signs should be removed as soon as the polls have closed.