Asphalt Maintenance on Village Streets

Asphalt Maintenance Work on Village Streets
Posted on 06/19/2019
Reclamite Maintenance

Starting the week of June 24, weather permitting, Corrective Asphalt Materials (CAM) will perform preventive maintenance on Village streets that were resurfaced in 2018. CAM will be applying Reclamite Maltene Based Rejuvenating Agent to the streets, which is designed to extend the life of the pavement by sealing the pavement from the elements. Please click here for the street listing. 

The entire process will take a few hours and is dependent on the weather. The street must be free of parked vehicles to complete the maintenance. The process includes the street being swept, the liquid Reclamite sprayed onto the pavement one lane at a time, and limestone screenings applied. 

Once the first lane has cured which is typically within an hour, CAM will then apply the Reclamite to the other lane. Residents on these streets will be able to exit their driveways and drive through the work area. Please note that driving onto a driveway before the curing process is complete may temporarily stain sidewalk, concrete, and brick driveways. To avoid this, please consider parking on an adjacent street until the product has cured. 

Weather permitting, this work is expected to take place during the week of June 24, and will take approximately one week to complete all streets. CAM will hand-deliver an additional notice with a more specific range of dates. Construction signs will also be posted at the limits of each street stating “Fresh Oil Loose Gravel” prior to the work taking place. 

Residents with a lawn sprinkling system that sprays onto the street, should have the system turned off for the day that work is scheduled for your street and one day following the treatment. Water can reduce the effectiveness of the rejuvenator. 

If you have a lawn care service or other services scheduled that would result in vehicles parked on the street, please adjust your scheduled service to avoid conflicts the day of treatment. Garbage collection will not be affected. 

For additional questions, please contact Nanci Julius, (847) 368-5255 or