2 for 1 Leaf Program

2 :1 Leaf Collection Program Begins November 4
Posted on 10/18/2019
Raking leaves

It is coming, the dreadful fall of the leaves…but we hope the Village’s 2:1 Fall Leaves Program helps with your yardwaste cleanup!

From November 4 through December 13, residents need to place only one sticker for every two bags of leaves set out for collection. Many local stores sell the landscape waste stickers. Stickers are also available at Village Hall, 33 S. Arlington Heights Road, and the Arlington Heights Senior Center, 1801 W. Central. 

Residents who subscribe to the Landscape Waste Subscription Program can have 10 unstickered bags or bundles of branches per week at the curbside for collection. For residents who subscribe to the Landscape Waste/Food Scrap Subscription Program can have up to 7 unstickered bags or bundles at the curb for pickup.

Please do not rake or blow the leaves from your yard into the streets. During the season, the Village's four street sweepers sweep 19 zones, and residents can expect their neighborhoods to be swept 3-4 times during the fall.

Street sweepers collect leaves that naturally fall into the streets. Raking or blowing leaves into the street from a resident’s private property or the village’s parkway violates Village ordinance. The action creates a hazard, and can possibly clog street drains during a rainstorm. Additionally, leaf-covered streets create a slippery road surface.

It is important that residents with landscapers remind crews that they cannot place leaves into the street. Residents are responsible for the work their landscaper does. If a landscaper blows leaves into the street, it is the resident’s responsibility to remove the leaves.

If street sweeper crews reasonably identify leaves as having been intentionally placed in the street, they are instructed to go around those piles of leaves. Notices may be delivered to residents asking them to remove leaves they may have placed into the street.