Red Wreath Program

Keep the Wreaths Red - Have a Fire-Safe Holiday
Posted on 12/04/2019
Keep the Wreath Red

The Arlington Heights Fire Department asks residents to “Keep the Wreath Red,” which is an annual program aimed at increasing the awareness of safety while decorating our homes for the holidays.

The program works this way - hung on the front of each of the four fire stations in Arlington Heights is a wreath which is strung with red lights. The wreaths remain lit twenty four hours a day during the holiday season. If a fire occurs that is determined to be the result of a holiday decoration, a white bulb replaces a red bulb on the wreath. The hope is the wreath will serve as a constant reminder to practice safety while displaying holiday decorations.

Some suggestions for holiday safety are: 

  • Artificial trees are safer than real trees.
  • If purchasing a real tree select one which is deep green in color and has a strong scent of pine.
  • Keep extension cord use at a minimum.
  • Use only lights which are approved by a national testing laboratory.
  • Do not use indoor lights outdoors.
  • Do not overload electrical outlets or circuits.
  • Do not leave candles unattended.
  • Keep candles away from combustible materials.
  • Trim all candlewicks to one-quarter inch and extinguish all candles prior to the burning of the last half-inch of wax.