Restaurant Compliance During COVID-19

How Village Manages Restaurant Compliance Complaints During Governor's Order
Posted on 12/10/2020
Takeout Orders

While the Village appreciates the significant number of restaurants complying with the Governor’s Order during this incredibly difficult time, we encourage all restaurants to do their part in complying with the rules outlined in the Governor’s Executive Order 2020-62

The Village does not have direct authority to enforce the Governor’s Executive Order, but it does have an obligation to respond to complaints received by our community. When a complaint is received, our Health Officers immediately investigate the matter. If Health Officers are able to verify a complaint made regarding non-compliance, the establishment receives a hand-delivered letter from the Village stating that they are in non-compliance of the Governor’s Order. The restaurant is also reported to the Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH).

When the CCDPH receives notice from the Village of a verified complaint, the restaurant is listed as being in violation of the state’s order on the agency’s website. If anyone witnesses a restaurant in possible violation of the Governor’s Order, please call the Village’s Health and Human Services Department at 847.368.5760 or email Please note that dining is allowed indoors for certain establishments, if it occurs within 8 feet of windows/doors that make up at least 50 percent of a restaurant’s wall. In addition, the windows/doors must be fully open.

If a second complaint is received by the Village, Health Officers are required to immediately refer it to the CCDPH for investigation. If the CCDPH is able to verify the second complaint, the establishment is cited for a violation of the order by the County and is required to comply with state guidelines immediately for the safety of the patrons, staff and community.

The Village will continue to work with restaurants and encourage them to follow the order to ensure the safety of our residents and visitors and to maintain a level playing field for all businesses. Our restaurants have faced enough obstacles due to the COVID-19 pandemic and we do not want to see any of them facing a court challenge as well. The cooperation of all of our restaurants is a great help in returning our community to normalcy. 

Residents are encouraged to help support our local restaurants during this difficult time by ordering take out! You can check out the list of restaurants offering take out here. We thank you for your ongoing support of our wonderful restaurant community.