United to Move 900 Employees to Arlington Heights

United to Move 900 Employees to Arlington Heights
Posted on 12/03/2021

The Village of Arlington Heights welcomes United Airlines and 900 of their employees to a recently renovated 195,300-square-foot building at 1501 W. Shure Drive, southeast of Route 53 and Dundee Rd.

Over the past three years, Village staff has assisted United and the property manager, Torburn Partners, regarding substantial renovation of the Shure Drive property in order to accommodate this major corporation and their operations. 

Based on recent industry data, United’s 900 employees could contribute an estimated $3.8 million annually to the local economy through food, gas, consumer purchases, and other expenditures. This investment makes United one of the Village’s five largest employers. This influx of daily workers will help boost local businesses, and support the Village’s ever-expanding local economy. 

United is the latest in a string of Fortune 500 Companies to invest in Arlington Heights. Other Fortune 500 companies that have opened significant operations in Arlington Heights since 2015 include Amazon, HSBC Holdings, Northrop Grumman, and PepsiCo (Frito-Lay). Collectively, these businesses are expected to employ more than 2,000 workers in 2022 with their employees providing significant support to the local economy by patronizing Arlington Heights businesses, which in turn generates sales tax, and food and beverage tax. Additionally, in 2020, United paid nearly $2 million in property taxes to support local taxing districts which helped to keep the Village’s 2020 tax levy at a 0% increase. 

“Once again, Arlington Heights has proved to be a major corporate destination,” said the Village’s Business Development Manager Michael Mertes. “This location offers convenient highway access and proximity to O’Hare International Airport. Plus, our community has an excellent reputation. Companies that are looking to have a presence in the Chicago Market are finding what they’re looking for in Arlington Heights.”