Coyote Safety

Safety Tips Regarding Coyotes
Posted on 01/25/2022
Coyotes are part of the natural ecosystem of our region. Below is information on how to co-exist and avoid interactions with coyotes.

While coyotes always pose a risk to dogs (and other small pets), male coyotes can become more aggressive in mid to late winter, due to mating season.

In order to help keep your pets safe remember, “don’t let your dogs out alone – or your cats out to roam.” 

Here are more tips for co-existing with wild coyotes: 
  • Never feed coyotes or leave food out for wild animals. Feeding wild animals increases the potential of encounters that are dangerous for you and your pets, as well as the well being of the wild animal. It is important that wild animals maintain their natural fear of humans in order to keep residents and animals safe. 
  • Keep unattended cats and dogs indoors or in completely enclosed runs, especially at night. Do not assume that a fence will keep a coyote out of your back yard.
  • Turn on exterior lights to check your back yard for unexpected wildlife and accompany your leashed pet outside. 
  • Keep dogs on short leashes (no longer than 6 feet) while walking outside.
  • Carry noisemakers such as whistles and horns with you, and use them to scare away coyotes.
  • If you encounter a coyote, yell, clap hands, blow a whistle and try to make yourself look larger. This behavior is known as “hazing” and will help deter coyotes from approaching. 
Report sightings of coyotes online at Scientific Wildlife Management.