Arlington Alfresco in Downtown Arlington Heights

Arlington Alfresco Opens Friday, April 29
Posted on 04/22/2022

Alfresco returns to downtown Arlington Heights, Friday, April 29th, through September. 

Arlington Alfresco is a popular, pedestrian friendly experience, that features additional outdoor dining space for restaurants in downtown Arlington Heights. 

Monday morning, April 25th, Public Works will be closing the streets involved with Alfresco, for maintenance and preparation of Alfresco's start on Friday, April 29th.

Work includes cleaning the streets, patching up any potholes, and any other work that needs to be done to ready the pedestrian zone on Vail and Campbell.

Parking for Arlington Alfresco

Visitors to Arlington Alfresco can find a variety of parking options in four parking garages and six parking lots, just a quick walk away. (Please note that parking on private property is not permitted at any time.)

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alfresco map