Water Main Replacement Program

Water Main Replacement Project (Blue on Map Below)
Primary Contact: Scott Schweda, Public Works
Phone #: 847.368.5806
Email Address: [email protected]

The 2022 Water Main Replacement includes 16,000 linear feet of water main replacement within residential neighborhoods. The work generally consists of a trench excavation with water main installed within the trench. There will be periodic planned water outages at various stages of the installation process. These outages will be coordinated with the homeowners in advance. There will be periodic times that the homeowners driveway is unavailable. This generally is attributable to the day of installation and any restoration that happens afterward as a result of the construction process. The construction area will contain the pipe, fittings, gravel and sand. There will be some dust, although the area should be cleaned for dust control on a daily basis. The Village appreciates your patience during this process.

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