Natural Gas Meter Relocation Program

Natural Gas Meter Relocation Program
Posted on 05/04/2022

A Nicor Gas System Improvement Initiative is a multi-year initiative to modernize aging natural gas infrastructure to enhance the safety and reliability of our natural gas distribution system. As part of this program, Nicor Gas is working to move all natural gas meters currently located inside homes and businesses to the outside to enhance customer convenience and to enable safer and more rapid access to our facilities for maintenance and repair.

Nicor Gas's contractor NPL/Cobian Utility Contractors will contact affected residents to schedule an appointment to move their gas meter outside and reconfigure inside piping. Nicor will work with you to identify where the new meter will be placed, and your natural gas service will remain off for approximately two hours. If there is more than one meter, the process may take longer. Any obstructions (drywall, furniture, enclosures) must be removed before the appointment so they can access your natural gas piping and meter to perform the work.

Nicor will be working in the below Arlington Heights neighborhoods, to move indoor gas meters. Residents who currently have an inside meter inside their home will need to have their meter relocated outside their home. See the letter from Nicor that will be sent to those affected. 

Maps updated November 23, 2022

Area 1
nicor area 1

Area 2

nicor area 2

Area 3
nicor area 3

Updated available on Nicor's Work In Progress Page

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, please recognize that Nicor employees and contractors have been advised to take precautions when interacting with customers and are following all necessary safety and personal protection guidelines, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.