Permit Tracking

The Village of Arlington Heights provides an interface to our computerized permit program.  This interface allows the applicant to check the status of permits online. When checking on the status of a permit from Building & Life Safety, your permit application and PIN are required.
Scheduling inspections online will be available soon. Inspections are mandatory while work is in progress to ensure that construction complies with approved plans and code regulations. The inspections required for your project are listed on your permit placard. Inspections must be scheduled with the Building & Life Safety Department at least 24 hours in advance and 48 hours for final inspections. Please schedule your inspections at 847.368.5560.

Overview of Checking Permit Status Online

Select Permit
Enter Permit Application Number and PIN number (The numbers are provided to the applicant at the time of permit submittal.)

Status detail – General information
This is for the purpose of verifying application status. This selection will show various stages of review for permits; such as in plan check, approved, issued. “Issued”, as used here, indicates the application has been processed. Do not assume that permits are ready for pick up by reviewing this screen. The permit applicant will be notified by phone when the permit is ready to be picked up for work to begin.

View application fees
This screen will show what fees are due and what fees have been paid. Additional fees may be added once all reviews are completed and application is approved. Please note that for now, payments cannot be made online. 
Permit Status
Click on appropriate permit such as building, electrical, and plumbing. This screen shows the general information on the permit. The information is for internal processing. The permit is released after all required departments have approved the submitted documents.
Inspection Status
Click on appropriate permit to check scheduled inspections, date scheduled, status of inspection (approved, disapproved, etc) and the date of inspection results.
Plan Tracking Status
This screen shows the status of reviews to date, as well as the results of the plan review by the various departments. On this screen click on the appropriate agency, then click on the action history for any plan review comments, notes etc. If there is a rejection by any agency, please wait until all reviews from all other departments are completed before you submit revisions; this simplifies reviews and speeds up the process.

Schedule/Cancel Inspection
This feature will be available at a later date.

Email Us
If you have questions regarding information viewed on this site you can e-mail your questions to us. Please do not schedule an inspection through email. Please search "Building" in the Staff Directory to find our Village inspectors, or search by their name. Thank you, we look forward to assisting you.