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Arlington Heights is a strong, longstanding municipality of the northwest suburbs. After going through several different names, settlers final decided on Arlington Heights and the Village was incorporated as Arlington Heights in 1887.  Since 1954, Arlington Heights uses the council/manager form of government. This form of government combines the leadership of elected officials with the managerial experience of an appointed manager.

The Village Board's role in this form of government is to make laws and broad policy decisions for the Village Manager and staff to carry out. The Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of the Village and serves as the key advisor to the Village Board.  Our Village Board members are elected at large with staggered 4-year terms. Being elected "at large" means board members are responsive to all residents of the Village. Its  role is to adopt laws and policies to govern the Village, leaving implementation up to the Manager and the rest of the Village staff.

Throughout its long history, Arlington Heights has remained steadfast in providing municipal services that are responsive to the needs of the residents and businesses and are reliable, efficient and fiscally responsible.

Downtown Parking Study Discussed October 22
A public presentation of the downtown parking study will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, October 22 in the Board Room. You can review the executive summary of the study when it is uploaded to the website as of Monday morning, October 15.... Read More
Downtown Parking Study Discussed October 22
Inside Vail Garage
Where can Campaign Signs be Placed?
Political campaign signs are not allowed on public property, such as parkways. Signs are allowed on private property provided the property owner has given permission to do so.... Read More
Where can Campaign Signs be Placed?
Election Countdown sign
Next Steps for Arlington 425 Proposal
The Arlington 425 development proposal was reviewed by the Village Board in early October. The Village will keep residents updated on next steps regarding this proposal. To learn more about the background of the proposal, information is posted on the... Read More
Next Steps for Arlington  425 Proposal
Rendering of Arlington 425 proposed project
CPR Class Offered on November 5
Register for a CPR class held on Monday, November 5 at the Fire Department Headquarters, 1150 N. Arlington Heights Road.... Read More
CPR Class Offered on November 5
CPR Class