Planning & Community Development

  • Director 
    Charles Perkins
  • Telephone 847.368.5200
  • Email [email protected]
  • Hours 8am-5pm Weekdays

The Planning & Community Development Department is dedicated to the betterment of our community by ensuring quality developments and economic growth through Planning, Zoning, Subdivision, Business and Economic Development, and Design services. They also administer State and Federal Grant programs, Housing Initiatives, and Community Art programs.  The Department reviews proposed land uses and development projects for compatibility with the Village's Comprehensive Plan, which is a guide for future planning and development in Arlington Heights.

More about the Planning & Community Development Department

As part of managing the Comprehensive Plan, the Planning & Community Development Department applies innovative planning techniques to support Village residents, developers and businesses in navigating the review process. The Department processes petitions for annexations, rezoning, site plan reviews, subdivisions, aesthetics, variations and conditional use permits.  They also administer grant programs, housing initiatives, community art programs and coordinate beautification projects for Village properties as well as create landscape designs of major corridors.

Arlington Heights offers a pro-business environment by providing a variety of resources through the Planning & Community Development Department aimed at attracting new businesses and keeping existing businesses strong. Resources include available property and business sites in the Village, economic incentives in the form of zero interest loans of up to $20,000,Small Business Sales Tax Rebate Program, class 6b Tax Abatement Program, industrial revenue bonds, provision of market assistance and guidance through the development process

If you are a developer, business owner, single-family homeowner planning to build, remodel, or add-on, please reach out to the Planning & Community Development Department for assistance with obtaining licenses, permits and zoning approvals.

Planning & Community Development Services
  • Review building permit applications for compliance to the Village’s zoning regulations and compliance to the Village’s standards for architecture and aesthetics. These projects include single family construction, accessory buildings & structures (sheds, detached garages, etc.), multi-family construction, community residences, commercial construction, landscaping, fences and sign permits.
  • Coordinate economic development efforts by working with existing and new businesses to assist with permits, signage, financial assistance, site selection assistance, leasing and tenanting assistance.
  • Administer the Community Development Block Grant program, ensuring that priorities of the Village’s Annual Action plan are met. The Action Plan is part of the Village’s Consolidation Plan that explains the community's needs and priorities as well as the programs and projects it intends to fund.
  • Manage the Comprehensive Plan, which includes the future Land Use Map, Official Map, specific redevelopment plans, corridor studies and annexation studies.
  • Oversees Village requirements for historic preservation of structures.
  • Management of the Village’s Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts. A TIF is a financial tool used to assist a municipality in spurring redevelopment of a specific area.
  • Village census and demographic data.