Overhead Sewer Rebate Program

If your home was constructed prior to 1975, it is probably not constructed with an overhead sewer system. Overhead sewers became a code requirement in 1975 and provide the only certain protection against sewer backup, which can occur due to heavy rain flows into sewers or a blockage.

In 2017 the Village enhanced incentives offered to property owners who may benefit from installing a Village approved Overhead Sewer System or approved Flood Control System. These types of programs, along with public improvements, can be the most cost effective way to reduce structure flooding in the Combined Sewer Tributary Area (CSTA) study areas (one of several studies completed following an historic rain event in July, 2011 that resulted in area flooding).  

What are overhead sewers? Overhead sewers are your sewer system elevation relative to the main sewer elevation (street). Your sewer service will exit the basement/or lower level above the floor height. All floor drains, washroom groups, laundry and utility sinks will be drained to an ejector pit and pumped up to sewer service elevation.  

If you have overhead to gravity sewers, the sewer service line generally exits your home below the floor level.  All fixtures in the basement will be roughly at the same elevation as the main sewer in the street. This will make backups more prevalent.  With overhead plumbing, the sewer backup will spill onto the ground before it reaches the level of the pipe exiting your home.  Even if it does back up into the building sewer pipes, a properly installed and sealed system should not leak into your home.

If you have ever experienced a basement backup, you know that the restoration and cleanup costs can be substantial.  The Village offers a reimbursement program to assist homeowners with the cost of an overhead sewer installation by offering 75% reimbursement for eligible work up to $11,250. The program is administered through the Building & Life Safety Department.  Review the guide and application to see if your home may be eligible to participate in this program.

Homeowners interested in taking advantage of this assistance are asked to carefully review information about the program before applying for the Sewer Backup Rebate Program. If you have questions about this program, please call the Village’s Plumbing Inspector at 847.368.5560.