Patio, Porch, Terrace & Stoop

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In order for an application for a Patio, Porch, Terrace or Stoop permit to be reviewed, it must include all required information. An application without complete information, including all required plans, may not be processed until the submittal is complete. Whether you are building new, or repairing, restoring or refinishing your commercial property, the work and goal can be a rewarding experience and we want to help make it as easy as possible!  The following can be found on our Download Permits & Applications, Licenses and Guides page, and are required for your Patio, Porch, Terrace & Stoop needs: 

Permit Submittal Requirements 

  • Building Permit
  • Concrete/Asphalt Acknowledgement, if applicable
  • Brick Paving Requirements, if applicable
  • Contractor's License.  All contractors are required to be licensed in the Village of Arlington Heights prior to release of permit.
  • Homeowner as General Contractor, if applicable
  • Patio, Porch, Terrace & Stoop Guide
  • Engineering Plan Review Requirements, if applicable
  • Two copies of Contractor's Proposal
  • Two copies of marked up Plat of Survey showing size and location of walks