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In order for an application for a Roofing permit to be reviewed, it must include all required information. An application without complete information, including all required plans, may not be processed until the submittal is complete.  Whether you are building new, or repairing, restoring or refinishing your commercial multi-dwelling property, the work and goal can be a rewarding experience and we want to help make it as easy as possible!  The following can be found on our Download Permits & Applications, Licenses and Guides page, and are required for your Roofing needs: 

Permit Submittal Requirements 

  • Building Permit
  • Contractor's License.  All contractors must be licensed in the Village of Arlington Heights prior to release of permit.  Roofing contractor must also provide a copy of their state roofing license.
  • Homeowner as General Contractor, if applicable
  • Three copies of the Contractor's Proposal.  The roofing contractor's heading & state roofing license must be on the proposal.

Multi Family

  • Building Permit
  • Contractor's License.  All contractors must be licensed in the Village of Arlington Heights prior to release of permit.  Roofing contractor must also provide a copy of their state roofing license.
  • Two collated sets containing: Contractor's Proposal; Roofing Commercial and Multi Family Dwelling Acknowledgement, if asphalt shingle re-roof

Permit Submittal Information

  • Plan Review Fee is $11 per one thousand of the value of work and due at time of submittal
  • Permit applicant must provide a copy of government issued identification with every permit submittal
  • All applications, including revisions, must be submitted to Building & Life Safety Services Department
  • Allow 10 working days for review time

Permit Revision Information

  • If there is a rejection by any reviewing department, a correction report will be mailed/faxed to the permit applicant after the plan has been reviewed by all reviewing departments
  • Revisions may take an additional 10 working days to process
  • If the general contractor and/or any subcontractors change, a letter from the permit applicant documenting the replacement general contractor and/or any subcontractors is required. The Village of Arlington Heights requires that contractors working within the Village obtain a contractor’s license and/or present proof of registration to work in the Village in accordance with the Arlington Heights Municipal Code. 

Plan Review & Installation Requirement

  • Roofing Fire Safety

Inspection Requirements
These are the standard inspections for this application type. Depending on your scope of work the project may require additional inspections. Inspections are mandatory while work is in progress to ensure that construction complies with approved plans and code regulations.

  • BD Final Commercial Roof

Inspection Information

  • To schedule an inspection, call Building & Life Safety Services at least 24 hours prior to the time you want the inspection to occur.
  • Your permit number is required in order to schedule an inspection
  • Specific inspection times are not available. You may request AM (9-12) or PM (12-3) and we will try to accommodate your request.
  • You must be ready for the inspection. The inspector/s will not re-inspect your job on the same day. If you are not ready the first time, you will need to call the office and re-schedule for the following day. A re-inspection fee will apply.
  • When calling for an inspection, please give a contact name and phone number and, if applicable, provide any other special information such as unit number, whether outside gate or door is open or whether unit or building address is displayed.
  • Approved plans to be available on site, no inspection will be performed without approved plans on site.
  • Be sure to schedule your final inspection.
  • Work authorized by a permit must begin within six months from the date the permit was issued and must also be completed within one year. Work extending beyond these time frames requires approval by the Director of Building & Life Safety Services. To obtain approval, fill out the permit extension letter and submit to Building & Life Safety Services.

Re-Inspection Information

  • If you are not ready for your inspection or if your inspection fails and the inspection has to be rescheduled, a re-inspection fee will be required. Payment of re-inspection fee/s is for jobs where there is no cash bond on file. 


Code Requirements
(225 ILCS 335/5) (from Ch. 111, par. 7505) (a) Each State licensed roofing contractor shall affix the roofing contractor license number and the licensee's name, as it appears on the license, to all of his or her contracts and bids. In addition, the official issuing building permits shall affix the roofing contractor license number to each application for a building permit and on each building permit issued and recorded.

(225 ILCS 335/5) (from Ch. 111, par. 7505) (a-10) A building permit applicant must present a government issued identification along with the building permit application. Except for the name of the individual, all other personal information contained in the government-issued identification shall be exempt from disclosure under subsection (c) of Section 7 of the Freedom of Information Act. The official issuing the building permit shall maintain the name and identification number, as it appears on the government-issued identification, in the building permit application file.