Comprehensive Planning

The Comprehensive Plan – Pattern for Growth, is a public document which establishes an overall strategy to guide the growth and development of our community. It is a policy statement aimed at the unified and coordinated physical and social development of Arlington Heights. The Comprehensive Plan includes the future Land Use Map, Official Map, and area specific plans such as the Downtown Master Plan and other Redevelopment Plans, Corridor Studies, and Annexation Studies. Comprehensive Planning is the process by which the Village amends the Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Map and the Comprehensive Planning Program Map as well as the Official Map. Each year, the Village reviews the Comprehensive Plan to determine if changes are necessary. In addition, specific redevelopment plans, corridor studies, and annexation studies are adopted by the Village as necessary.

We welcome you to view our comprehensive and development plans, as well as current projects underway such as the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan and the Hickory Kensington Area Plan on our Community Planning & Zoning Reports and Plans page.  If you have any questions on the Village's comprehensive planning efforts, please call the Department of Planning & Community Development at 847.368.5200, or email the department. 

Downtown Master Plan
The Downtown Master Plan sets guidelines for future development to sustain and build upon the revitalization effort which began in the mid 1980s. The first downtown master plan was approved in 1987 and has served as the guide and vision in a nationally recognized, award winning revitalization effort. The new master plan for downtown builds on the significant growth and success of downtown and serves as a guide to continue the vision of a downtown that is recognized as the business, cultural and entertainment heart of Arlington Heights.

Star Line Master Plan
Over the past several years, communities in the northwest and western suburbs have been working with Metra on the first suburb to suburb commuter rail service...the Star Line.  
As part of this process, the Village of Arlington Heights has been evaluating the opportunity for growth and development for the area near the proposed Arlington Heights commuter train station, located east of Arlington Heights Road adjacent to Interstate 90.

Thoroughfare & Transportation Policy Plan
A Thoroughfare and Transportation Policy Plan
 is an officially adopted public document which attempts to prescribe remedies for points of conflict and establish an overall strategy aimed at the unified and coordinated maintenance and development of the Village’s thoroughfare network. The Plan includes a classification of thoroughfares, recommended engineering standards, roadway standards, intersection, design access control, speed control policies, recommended thoroughfare improvements, and implementation strategies.