Permits, Licenses, Applications and Guides

Electronic Submittal Requirements
The Village is requiring all initial submittals for building permits to be done electronically.  Applications are available in a fillable PDF format.  If you have any questions regarding submitting plans and applications electronically, please contact the Building & Life Safety Department at [email protected] or 847.368.5560.

Many Village forms and license applications you need, whether remodeling your home, working on a commercial property, needing a business license or planning a community event, are found in the Download Permits, Licenses & Guides button below. Just enter a search and fill in or download what you need.

Department Assistance for Your Projects

We're here to help!  Whether you are remodeling a home or business, building a commercial building, starting a business, or planning a community event we want to make the paper process as easy and seamless as possible.  We'll first start by telling you which Village Department can help you with your projects...

Building & Life Safety Department
The Building & Life Safety Department receives all applications for permits pertaining to private property, single and multi-family residences, commercial and business properties. They route information to respective Village Departments for approval, and issue permits that comply with the Municipal Code.  

They also schedule all inspections, approves all revisions and addendums to drawings and coordinates all final inspections and occupancy requirements. The Department collects fees that enable the enforcement of all construction related codes and code inspections, which enhances the safety and quality of life for all who live in or visit Arlington Heights.  The Village’s Building & Life Safety Department is here to help with your questions and you can reach them at 847.368.5560, or email at [email protected].   

Engineering Department
The Engineering Department assists residents and developers with driveway projects, grading of backyards, road and sidewalk projects, new developments, detention needs, bike paths and requests for traffic signage for stop signs, speed limits, etc. Engineering and Public Works both assist with flooding concerns.  The Engineering Department can help you on these types of projects, so do not hesitate to call them at 847.368.5250 or email them at [email protected]

Planning & Community Development Department
The Planning & Community Development Department assists residents, businesses and developers with applications and reviews for design, zoning and Plan Commission projects pertaining to single-family and commercial projects, sign variations, rezoning, land use variations, special uses and subdivisions. The Village's Planning & Community Development Department is here to assist you at 847.368.5200 or email them at [email protected].

Integrated Services Department (ISD)
Planning a community for your organization? First of all, thank you for adding an event  for our community to enjoy! If your event involves using Village streets, public property, providing food to the public or selling alcohol, ISD can assist you. Contact the Village Manager's Office at 847.368.5100 or email [email protected]. Look for the forms you need in the Community Events folder in the document container above.

Where Can I Find Your Forms & Documents?

All permits, licenses, applications and guides that are needed for residential/private, business/commercial, and/or community events can be found on our Permits & Licenses and Applications & Guides page, which is searchable.  Just click on the Download Permits, Licenses & Guides button above. 

Our documents & forms are separated into four categories: Business Licenses, Community Events, Community Planning & Zoning, and Residential & Commercial.  The following provides an idea of what is available, but is not a full list:

Business Licenses

  • Amusement 
  • Day Care
  • Home Occupancy
  • Fireworks
  • Multi-Family
  • Raffles

Community Events

  • Block Party Request

Community Planning & Zoning

  • Zoning Regulations
  • Design Reviews and Guides
  • Development Reviews and Guides

Residential & Commercial

  • Air Conditioners and Furnaces 
  • Decks and Fences
  • Driveways and Garages
  • Foundation
  • Gazebos and Sheds
  • Guaranty Deposit Bond
  • Liquor License
  • Occupancy
  • Roofs
  • Single Family Additions and Basements
  • Statement of Compliance
  • Tax Assessor
  • Window Replacement