Open Government

The Village provides transparency to our operations. As such, we've created this Open Government section to provide you with quick, easy access to financial information, reports, compensation reports, strategic plans and more. 

We've also provided easy links to public meetings and agendas, agreements and more.

2018 Customer Service Survey Results

At the request of the Village of Arlington Heights, the Northern Illinois University’s Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) conducted a mixed-mode (internet and mail) survey of Arlington Heights residents to determine their opinions of the customer service received from the Village. 

The survey was designed to assess the following topics:

  • perceptions of overall quality of services and programs provided by the Village of Arlington Heights,
  • perceptions of the customer service received from the Village of Arlington Heights, and
  • opinions of the Village of Arlington Height’s communications. 

Here are the results of the 2018 Customer Service Survey.

Salaries & Benefits

The Village of Arlington Heights "Employee Total Compensation Package" provides the salary and benefit information for all village employees whose total compensation package is in excess of $75,000 a year. The Total Compensation Package  is available in PDF format. Total Compensation Package, or TCP, means payment by the employer to the employee for salary, health insurance (employee's portion included), a housing allowance, a vehicle allowance, a clothing allowance, bonuses, loans, vacation days granted and sick days granted.

Village Budget & Financials

The Village of Arlington Heights operates under the Budget Officer Act as outlined in the Illinois Compiled Statutes. Under this law the Village Board is required to adopt the budget prior to the beginning of the fiscal year to which it applies. The law also provides that the budget shall serve as the Village’s annual appropriation ordinance.  To learn more about our budget process and advocacy, and to view our financial reports, visit our Village Budget & Financials page.