Construction 411

Construction Update as of September 25, 2018

This schedule is tentative and subject to change. Residents directly affected by the Street Reconstruction and Street Rehabilitation Program will receive hand delivered notification prior to construction taking place. However, last minute schedule changes will only be made via e-mail. Please sign up to receive last minute notifications.

Alleghany Drive from Kennicott Avenue to Verde Drive

Brighton Place from Crabtree Drive to Suffield Drive

Burke Drive from Cul-de-sac to Ivy Lane

Catino Street from Kaspar Avenue to Ridge Avenue

Chestnut Avenue from Cedar Street to White Oak Street

Crabtree Drive from Brighton Place to Windsor Drive

Cypress Street from Ridge Avenue to Chestnut Avenue

Elizabeth Drive from Kennicott Drive to Alexandria Street

Kennicott Avenue from Algonquin Road to Harvard Avenue

Lillian Avenue from West of Arlington Heights Road to Highland Court

Lincoln Lane from Fairview Street to Mayfair Road

Lynden Avenue from Bristol Lane to Mayfair Lane

Maple Street from Salem Avenue to Ridge Avenue

South Mitchell Avenue from Cedar Street to White Oak Street

North Mitchell Avenue from Oakton Street to Clarendon Street

Newbury Place from Banbury Road to Rockwell Street

Raleigh Court & Shirra Court off of Raleigh Street

Ridge Avenue from Ladd Street to 200’ to the South

Rockwell Street from Salem Avenue to Ridge Avenue

Valley Lane from Burke Drive to Dryden Place


Construction is substantially complete.


The landscaping subcontractor began cutting and prepping the ground for the installation of the sod on Wednesday, September 5.  The landscape contractor will start on the on the streets located on the south side of town and work north over the next several weeks.  Due to the high temperatures in early September, the Village requested that the landscaper not place any sod. Sod installation began on September 24.

The sod restoration is completed in the following steps:

  1. Areas marked by the Village are removed with a sod cutter.
  2. The old sod is removed.
  3. Topsoil is placed.
  4. Sod is placed.

Please note that crews are working on several areas at one time, and all steps will be completed over the course of several days.

As a reminder, please mark the location of or move all sprinkler systems.  Sprinkler heads are especially vulnerable and may be impacted during the cutting of the existing sod.  The contractor will not be held responsible for any damage to property located within the Village right-of-way.

Watering the sod and establishing the root system is included in the cost of the contract.  However, we do ask for resident cooperation so the sod will flourish.  Please do not cut your new sod until the root system has been established, approximately 14 days.  Please cut new sod at a high height of three inches for the season.  This will help your new sod grow and stay healthy.