The Village has transitioned to a new online permitting system. Please request inspections through the citizen self-service portal.

Click Here For Citizen Self-Service Portal

Scheduling an Inspection
The Building & Life Safety Department requires mandatory inspections while work is in progress to ensure that construction complies with approved plans and code regulations. Inspections are scheduled for either the morning or the afternoon, but not at specific times.

Inspection requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance; same-day inspections are not offered at this time. All inspection requests for the following business day must be submitted before 4:00 pm. When scheduling inspections, please make sure that the contact information listed is the person who is on-site of the project at the time of inspection.

Please watch this video if you need assistance on the self-service portal.

Scheduling Inspections: Skip to 3:16
Canceling Inspections: Skip to 3:48
Checking Inspection Results: Skip to 4:13

Inspection Requirements
Inspection requirements vary per project and are available on the citizen self-service portal.

All inspections require a hard copy of the approved stamped documents on site. Plans can be accessed through your citizen self-service portal for download. If you have questions regarding the required inspections needed, please contact the Building & Life Safety Department at 847-368-5560.

Roofing Affidavits
In lieu of final inspections for all roof permits, please complete the corresponding roofing affidavit form and email it to [email protected] to facilitate the closure of your permit:

Roofing Affidavit Single Family
Roofing Affidavit Garage
Roofing Affidavit Commercial