Employee Handbook

It is the policy of the Village of Arlington Heights as an employer to promote, support, implement and maintain a Village-wide program for coordinated development of municipal services and facilities. The ability of the Village to provide quality services is dependent on the employees consistently performing at a professional level. Therefore, employees are expected to do their best work, to be regular in their attendance on the job and to respect the rules, regulations and policies of the Village. The Village of Arlington Heights is an equal opportunity employer. Hiring, opportunities for advancement and the application of policies and procedures are done without regard to age, sex, race, color, religion, national ancestry or disability.

The purpose of the Personnel Policy Manual is to present the rules and regulations of employment with the Village of Arlington Heights, as well as the benefits and services available to its employees. The personnel policies included in this Manual are designed to be equitable to all Village employees. It is expected that there will be a consistent application of these policies throughout the Village. Where interpretation of provisions contained in the Personnel Policy Manual are necessary or desired, the Director of Human Resources will make such interpretations and provide them to the requester. The Village Manager reserves the right to vary these policies to meet individual needs.

In the case of sworn Police and Fire personnel, all rules and regulations that are those of the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners will prevail when in conflict with any provision set forth in this Policy Manual. For employees covered by collective bargaining agreements, this Policy Manual only applies in instances when there are no contract provisions on the subject at issue.

This Personnel Policy Manual supersedes all prior Village of Arlington Heights personnel policies and disciplinary procedures. The Village Manager may, from time to time, abolish, alter, make additions to, or otherwise amend this Personnel Policy Manual. This Personnel Policy Manual is not intended to create any contractual or other legal rights. It is not an expressed or implied contract of employment, nor is it intended to create any rights or be in the nature of an employment contract. This Personnel Policy Manual is simply an overview of current policies relating to employment with the Village of Arlington Heights. Nothing said or done by any Village representative shall constitute an employment contract unless it is reduced to writing and signed by the Village Manager.
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Employee Handbook
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Chapter 7 Employee Conduct
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Chapter 6 Separation
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Chapter 5 Hours & Leave
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Chapter 4 Personnel
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Chapter 3 Employee Benefits
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Chapter 2 Compensation
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Chapter 1 Employment
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