The Legal Division of the Integrated Services Department provides service in three general areas: administrative, legislative, and litigation. The administrative function includes advising Village Staff as well as elected and appointed officials. The legislative function includes drafting ordinances and maintaining the Village Code. With regards to litigation, there is a Village Prosecutor who handles the Village monthly traffic court calls. Staff oversee outside counsel as they represent the Village in lawsuits and assist in the administrative adjudication process. 

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Administrative Adjudication
Arlington Heights offers an Administrative Adjudication process where individuals have an opportunity to contest parking tickets and compliance tickets written by the Police Department as well tickets issued by the Village for specific Code enforcement.  Administrative Adjudication hearings are held in the Board Room of the Arlington Heights Village Hall, 33 S. Arlington Heights Road. Hearing dates are automatically assigned to all Parking and Compliance violations.

An administrative hearing is a civil, not a criminal proceeding.  Cases are punishable by fines and a variety of other penalties, excluding jail time.  Under the administrative hearing system, an Administrative Hearing Officer hears the cases. 

For parking and compliance tickets written by the Police Department, the Process is done in two ways:  Through the mail, based on a signed defense statement and submission of necessary documentation; or In-person during a scheduled hearing at Village Hall.

For Code enforcement tickets written by other Village departments, attendance at the adjudication hearing is mandatory.

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