Crime Prevention, Safety & Education

The Village's Crime Prevention Officer, Alexandra Ovington, is responsible for establishing and maintaining community contacts within the Department’s service area by developing and implementing presentations relating to crime prevention issues. The Officer participates in school-based education programs such as the PEDAL car program, Home Alone and Babysitting Safety presentations, officer friendly visits, and the 3rd grade officer friendly program which covers stranger safety, bullying and Internet safety and is taught by all members of the Community Services Bureau.

The Crime Prevention Officer also provides programs such as Residential and Business Security Surveys, Home and Personal Safety, and Identity Theft presentations.  The CPO has ancillary responsibilities such as false alarm review, liaison to the Arlington Heights Crime Stoppers, Village Plan Review, overseeing all social media accounts, organizing and planning of National Night Out, organizing the Toys for Tots drive, and providing information to the press as the Public Information Officer.

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