Annual Report

Annual Report

On behalf of the entire Public Works Department, we are proud to present the Public Works Department  Annual Report.  This comprehensive review of the activities performed by the Public Works Department during the last calendar year identifies the accomplishments, key statistics, major projects, initiatives, and challenges faced by each of our specific Units in the Department. 

The Public Works Department is comprised of eleven Units, each with talented and dedicated staff to handle the unique challenges and responsibilities that come their way. The Units include Administration, Building Maintenance, Engineering, Fleet Services, Forestry and Grounds, Sewer, Streets, Traffic, Water Distribution, Water Meters Services,  and Water Production.

Our team is fully aware that we impact our residents and business owners lives with late-night snow removal, summer construction activities, untimely water main breaks, and other emergency responses.  Our work affects every single resident in the community, and although our work is not often glamorous, the support and trust we receive from the Mayor, Village Board, and Community as a whole, instills pride in the entire team and has a significant impact on us as Public Works professionals.

I am confident that the following summary of the Public Works Department's efforts and activities from last year will be informative and reflective of the high quality of service we strive to provide to the community we serve.  Again, we are appreciative of the continued support that allows us to serve this great community every day.


Cris Papierniak

Director of Public Works & Engineering

The report can be found here