Maintenance Service Units:
Forestry & Grounds

Forestry & Grounds

The Forestry and Ground Unit maintains parkway trees through routine inspection, pruning, removal, and replanting operations. They oversee the maintenance of landscaped areas located on Village-owned property such as Village buildings, Harmony Park, commuter parking areas, and planted medians. The unit is also responsible for the holiday lights and decorations downtown.

The Public Works Department manages approximately 36,000 parkway trees and maintains over 100 acres of Village owned greenspace. For more information about parkway trees and greenspace, check out the Forestry FAQ.

Parkway Tree Maintenance & Pruning

The Village’s routine pruning contractor currently trims parkway trees on a four to five-year cycle. This routine pruning includes the removal of any dead branches, branches lower than 14’ (on mature trees) to provide clearance, and branches 8’ or closer to a manmade structure, when possible.

The Village understands that sometimes a parkway tree may need more urgent attention. These situations include broken and hanging branches, branches causing sight obstructions, and low-hanging branches. When these situations occur please submit a Service Request by clicking here or calling the Public Works Department at 847.368.5800.

Parkway Tree Planting

It is currently the Village’s policy to replace parkway trees when an old tree is removed, as space and budget allow. The replacement tree is planted at no cost to the homeowner. The Village replants parkway trees biannually in the spring and fall. Several weeks before planting, a certified arborist will visit each planting site. If the arborist determines that there is an acceptable planting site present, then he will decide the new planting location and tree species. Species are selected based on site characteristics, nursery availability, and diversity. A white line will be painted on the top of the curb indicating the proposed location of the new tree. Residents are notified of the future tree planting with a door hanger on the front door. A few weeks before planting, underground utilities in the parkway will be located and marked with flags and paint to prevent damage to them.

Upon installation, new trees are mulched one time by the Village. Trees planted in the spring will also have a Gator Bag installed on them to aid in watering. Trees planted in the fall will have Gator Bags installed in the following spring. Once the trees are planted, the Village asks that residents fill the Gator Bags 1-2 times per week.

It is the Village’s goal to maintain a diverse parkway tree population by replanting where possible. However, not all trees can be replaced. Trees will not be replaced if:

  • There is less than 40 feet between existing trees in the parkway
  • They will interfere with nearby underground or above-ground utilities
  • The only planting site available is the same location as the removed tree. It is understood that some parkways, such as in cul-de-sacs, may only have one planting location.
  • When these situations occur, the Village may make special arrangements to ensure that each address within the Village has one parkway tree.

    Parkway Tree Removals

    The Village removes parkway trees for numerous reasons, including natural decline, disease, insects, storm damage, utility problems, and site issues. After leaf out in spring or early summer, certified arborists conduct an annual, Village-wide survey to identify any parkway tree needing removal or further inspection.

    When a tree is identified to be removed, a green dot is spray painted on the street side of the tree, and an informational door hanger is placed on the resident’s front door. This is done as a courtesy to notify residents of the status of the parkway tree in front of their property.

    Stump Removal & Parkway Restoration

    After the removal of a parkway tree, the Village will grind the stumps down to 8-12 inches below the surface, leaving the remaining root system to decompose. Stump removal will occur at a later date after the tree removal, as weather permits. Underground utilities in the parkway will be located and marked with flags and paint prior to grinding to prevent damage to them. 

    The parkway will be restored with topsoil and grass seed when weather permits (spring through fall). Residents are responsible for watering the restored parkway area until seed establishes.

Repairs and maintains the Village’s street network including street sweeping, snow plowing, and ice control, as well as resurfacing and patching of streets and sidewalks. 

Leaf Sweeping
During the season, the Village's four street sweepers sweep 19 zones, and residents can expect their neighborhoods to be swept 3-4 times during the Fall.

Street sweepers collect leaves that naturally fall into the streets. Raking or blowing leaves into the street from a resident’s private property or the village’s parkway violates the Village ordinance. It’s important that residents with landscapers remind crews that they cannot place leaves into the street. Residents are responsible for the work their landscaper does. If a landscaper blows leaves into the street, it is the resident’s responsibility to remove the leaves.

If street sweeper crews reasonably identify leaves as having been intentionally placed in the street, they are instructed to go around those piles of leaves. Notices may be delivered to residents asking them to remove leaves they may have placed into the street. Raking or blowing leaves into the street creates a hazard for the entire neighborhood. Leaves can possibly clog street drains during a rain storm and a leaf-covered street can create a slippery road surface.

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Maintains all Village owned traffic signals and street lights. 

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