Water Meter Replacement Program

Project Description
Water meters play a crucial role in the operation, maintenance, and support of the Village’s water and sewer system. As water meters age, wear and tear can cause meters to read inaccurately, or fail altogether. The Village has planned a water meter replacement schedule to exchange all aging meters by the end of 2025. This program aligns with the Village’s goals to modernize infrastructure and ensure equipment is running efficiently.

Working with the Village’s contractor Professional Meters Inc. (PMI), staff will work through seven identified zones to effectively find all meters that need to be replaced. This webpage will provide updates to residents based on the replacement schedule. See the links below for additional information:

General Information
Tentative State Date: 3/1/2024
Tentative completion Date: 12/15/2025
Contractor: Professions Meter Inc. (PMI)
Awarded Contract Amount: $3,200,000
Funding Source: Capital Improvements Plan

Contact information:
Professional Meters Inc.

Newsletters & Notices
A general notice will be posted on the Village website and social media platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

: Why is the Village doing this project? 
Answer: Many water meters across the Village are approaching or are beyond their useful life cycle. In addition, older meters are susceptible to degradation over time. The result of this wear and tear is that water meters read inaccurately or fail altogether, resulting in inaccurate bills. The new smart water meters will be compatible with the Village’s new water billing financial system. This new system will improve customer service to residents by identifying excessive water usage as it happens and avoid an increase in residents’ monthly bills due to inadvertent running water or leaks.  

Question: How do I, as a resident, benefit from this project? 
Answer: The new smart meters benefit residents by providing more accurate information about residents’ water usage. Once the project is complete, an online customer portal will allow residents and business owners to access daily water usage information. When the portal indicates water usage while no one is at home, the resident will know that some water is being wasted, whether by a toilet left running, a garden hose being left on, or some other issue. Knowing about this waste right away allows the resident to correct the issue and avoid being blindsided by a hefty water bill. 

Additionally, the EPA is mandating that municipalities reduce water waste – known as unallocated water – which leaks from places such as broken water mains. This is fully potable drinking water that never makes it to the tap and ends up back in the ground. It’s a costly loss. The EPA target is no more than 10% of a municipality’s water supply being wasted. The Water Meter Replacement Program provides more accurate reporting of water usage and helps the Village detect and repair unallocated water loss. 

Question: Will I need to connect my water meter to my internet service? 
Answer: No. The smart water meter does not rely upon personal or business internet service. New meters use the existing ComEd/Itron smart grid mesh network, which collects usage information from electric meters. This network infrastructure has been in operation since 2015 and already serves millions of homes in Illinois and all homes in the Village of Arlington Heights. 

Question: When will you be in my neighborhood? 
Answer: The zone maps below show the anticipated installation schedule, however exact dates are not available at this time. Approximately one week prior to your zone being serviced, you will receive a postcard notification.  This schedule is subject to change based on the progress of the project and we will continue to post updates on this page. 

Question: I will not be home during the expected installation time for my area. Can I schedule my appointment early? 
Answer: In special cases, yes, residents may schedule an appointment ahead of time. Please call the installer (PMI) to explain your situation and schedule an appointment. 

Question: How do I schedule my appointment? What if I need to reschedule my appointment? 
Answer: After receiving a postcard from Professional Meters, Inc. (PMI) in the mail, you may schedule an appointment by calling the phone number on the postcard or by going to www.ScheduleMyMeter.com. Please DO NOT schedule an appointment if you have not received a postcard. Appointments may be rescheduled via phone or PMI’s website. 

Question: Is there any fee for getting my meter changed? 
Answer: There is NO fee for meter replacement. There is no exchange of money to replace your meter. In certain circumstances, such as excessive corrosion of a valve or a meter installed behind an inaccessible wall, you may be required to pay for a repair. The installer from PMI will notify you that meter replacement is not possible at this time, and a Village representative will contact you to discuss the necessary repairs. The PMI installer will NOT charge you on the spot for any repairs. 

Question: How long will the installation take? 
Answer: Typically, the labor for installing a new smart meter is only 20-30 minutes. Tricky projects can require as much as an hour. The time varies depending on your meter location, its accessibility, and the condition of the shutoff valves in your home. 

Question: Who needs to be present for the installation? 
Answer: A person over the age of 18 must be present for the installation. 

Question: What can I do to prepare for the installation? 
Answer: Move furniture and other items away from the water meter to allow the installer easy access. Please secure pets during the installation. 

Question: How do I know if the person at my door is a real meter installer? 
Answer: Look for the Professional Meters Inc. (PMI) logo on the installer’s truck and for a badge with the Village of Arlington Heights logo. Do NOT let anyone into your home or business without the Village logo on their badge. If you have any concerns, call the Village of Arlington Heights Department of Public Works and Engineering at 847-368-5800.  

Question: I don’t want an installer getting my home dirty or getting me sick. What can I expect? 
Answer: All installers will wear boot covers to avoid tracking dirt in your home or business. Installers are required to carry face masks and will wear them upon your request. 

Question: Can I decline a new water meter? Am I required to participate? 
Answer: There is no opting out of the program. The current water meters are not compatible with the smart grid system and lack the accuracy and billing fairness provided by new meters. The new smart meters use the ComEd smart grid mesh network, which has been in operation since 2015 and already reads Village residents’ electric meters. 

Question: Will I have to sign anything? 
Answer: After the installation is complete, the representative from PMI will have the resident sign a work order indicating that the installation has been completed.  

Question: I have my new meter. Now what? 
Answer: The Village has over 18,000 different residential accounts.  As a result, it will take the contractor approximately two (2) years to install all the meters and test the system before it goes live.  Until all the meters are installed and tested, the Village’s meter system will function the same as it does today.  Toward the end of 2025, the Village will provide instructions and information along with the regular water bill to notify you of the coming change.  There will be helpful information on the Village’s webpage for reference as well, prior to the system being “switched on” by the end of 2025.