Storm Water Permit for Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4)

Phase I of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Storm Water program began in 1990 and required medium and large municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s) to obtain NPDES coverage. The expanded Phase II program began in March 2003 and required small MS4s in urbanized areas to obtain NPDES permits and implement six (6) minimum control measures. An urbanized area as delineated by the Bureau of Census is defined as a central place or places and the adjacent densely settled surrounding area that together have a residential population of at least 50,000 people and an overall population density of at least 500 people per square miles.
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Annual Facility Inspection Report
2022 MS4
document seq 1.00
2021 MS4
document seq 1.25
2020 MS4
document seq 1.50
2019 MS4
document seq 2.00
2018 MS4
document seq 3.00
2017 MS4
document seq 4.00
2016 MS4
document seq 5.00
2015 MS4
document seq 6.00
Educational Material for Construction Sites
Construction Site Control Fact Sheet
document seq 1.00
Post Construction Fact Sheet
document seq 2.00
Storm Water and the Construction Industry
document seq 3.00
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Small Construction sites
document seq 4.00
Educational Material for Industrial Facilities
USEPA Developing your Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Guide for Industrial Operators
document seq 1.00
USEPA Industrial Storm Water Monitoring and Sampling Guide
document seq 2.00
Educational Materials for Businesses
Auto Repair
document seq 1.00
Events Resource Sheet
document seq 2.00
Fats, Oil and Grease BMP Manual
document seq 3.00
Fats, Oil and Grease Fact Sheet
document seq 4.00
Gas Station Resource Sheet
document seq 5.00
Landscaping Resource Sheet
document seq 6.00
Restaurant Resource Sheet
document seq 7.00
Educational Materials for Residents
Can Cars Cause Water Pollution
document seq 1.00
Climate Change What You Can do at Home
document seq 2.00
Climate Change What You Can Do in the Office
document seq 3.00
Climate Change What You Can Do on the Road
document seq 4.00
Do You Know Where The Water in Your Storm Drain Goes
document seq 5.00
Dog Poop Fact Sheet
document seq 6.00
EPA Greenscaping
document seq 7.00
EPA Tips for Pollution Prevention
document seq 8.00
Four Seasons of Water Quality Protection
document seq 9.00
Home Hot Spots For Water Quality
document seq 10.00
How do Trees Benefit Our Environment
document seq 11.00
How to Safely Dispost of Chlorinated Water
document seq 12.00
IDDE Citizens Guide to Monitoring Storm Water
document seq 13.00
Oil and Water Don't Mix
document seq 14.00
Rain Garden Brochure The Conservation Foundation
document seq 15.00
Ran Garden Manual for Homeowners
document seq 16.00
Shoreline Landscaping
document seq 17.00
USEPA The Economic Benefits of Green Infrastructure
document seq 18.00
Notice of Intent for Renewal of General Permit
document seq 0.00
10 November 2020
Stormwater Management Program
document seq 0.00
19 January, 2021