Water Requirements

New Water Service Line Inventory Requirements

Under the new IEPA requirements, Arlington Heights Public Works personnel will be completing an inventory of all water services in the Village to determine properties that may have a water service line constructed of lead pipe. (Please note that there is currently no adverse situation affecting the quality of Arlington Heights’ water supply.)  Once an inventory of lead service lines has been created, staff will maintain the inventory in the future and update as improvements are made or additional information is collected.

To determine if you have a lead service line in your home, a licensed plumber can test your line to inform you if it is made of lead or another material. You can find a wide selection of licensed plumbers in your area by visiting the Illinois Department of Public Health website and conducting a 'Plumber License Search'. Another method of knowing is scratching the pipe with a coin. If it is lead, the scratched area will turn bright silver. 

New Water Quality Testing Requirements in Schools

In January 2017, new requirements were established for the Department of Public Health to develop a program to identify lead hazards in schools statewide and to require their mitigation within a reasonable time frame. Schools that serve preschool through fifth-grade children and were built prior to 1987 must take samples from their drinking water sources and have them tested for lead. If the level of lead in any water sample is at or greater than the action level of 15.0 ppb, parents and guardians must be notified of the level and the associated risks.

New Water Quality Notification Requirements

During the summer of 2016, Arlington Heights began implementing enhanced notifications that are required by the IEPA to increase your water quality awareness and reduce the potential for lead in drinking water.

New water quality notifications are required and were put in place by the IEPA when water maintenance or replacement work is being performed. The notifications are meant to be informational and are an additional effort to provide tips for health and safety as part of a proactive approach to educate residents about the quality of the Village’s water supply. This notification is required because the maintenance activities could disturb the poly orthophosphate protective lining in pipes.

From now on, all residents affected by construction activity will receive a notice at their door describing the project and contact information for questions/concerns. Types of construction activities requiring notice include:

  • A water main replacement project within one (1) block of your location.
  • The repair of a water main break within one (1) block of your location.
  • The replacement of your water meter.
You can reduce your risk of exposure during times of construction projects in your neighborhood by adhering to a few simple practices such as the following:

  • Using cold water for drinking, cooking and preparing baby formula. Lead dissolves more easily in hot or warm water, boiling water will not remove lead.
  • Run your water for a few minutes to flush out lead after periods of non-use, such as first thing in the morning, after work and after a vacation.
  • Purchase and install a water filter that is certified to remove "total lead."
  • Have your water tested. Since you cannot see, taste or smell lead dissolved in water, testing is a good way of telling whether lead is present or not.