Proposed Windsor Drive Road Diet Project

Meeting Updates
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March 11, 2024 Committee of the Whole Meeting Scheduled
On March 11, 2024, the Windsor Drive Resurfacing and Road Diet Project will be on the agenda for the Committee-of-the-Whole meeting at 7 p.m. in the Village Board Room, located on the 3rd floor of Village Hall, 33 S. Arlington Heights Rd.

Village staff and the project consultant, Civiltech Engineering, Inc, will review the exhibits that were presented at the November 11, 2023 Public Information Meeting, summarize the public comments received, provide a project status and update the Village Board on the potential next steps. The Committee-of-the-Whole agenda and meeting materials for this meeting and all Village meetings can be found on the Agendas and Minutes page on the Friday afternoon prior to the scheduled meeting.

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About the Windsor Drive Road Diet and Resurfacing Project

This project would help to improve the roadway surface, provide safe accessible bicycle facilities, and provide a consistent sidewalk width adequate for pedestrian volume.   

Over the past two years, Staff has been working with Civiltech Engineering, Inc. to complete the Phase I Engineering Study for the Windsor Drive Road Diet and Resurfacing Project. This project was identified in the Village of Arlington Heights Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (2017) and aims to improve the pedestrian and bicycle mobility along Windsor Drive which connects important destinations in the Village including nearby Hersey High School, Lake Arlington, and several other surrounding parks.  Links to the proposed plan and other project exhibits are included at the bottom of this webpage under Project Information and Imagery.

The project as proposed will include:

  • Resurfacing of Windsor Drive from Dryden Avenue/Jane Avenue to south of Hintz Road. 
  • A new crosswalk with high visibility pavement markings at the west leg of the Windsor Drive and Palatine Road intersection.
  • Improved pedestrian pushbuttons and signal heads on all corners of the Palatine Rd Intersection. 
  • Widening sidewalks north of Palatine Road to 8 feet wide. 
  • Green pavement markings are proposed in high vehicle-bicycle conflict areas to improve bicycle awareness and safety. 
  • road diet snippetBetween Palatine Road and Crabtree Drive, a Road Diet is proposed to modify the 4‐lane cross section to provide one lane in each direction, a center landscaped median/left turn lane, and on‐street buffered bike lanes. 
    • Click Here (or click the image) to Learn About Road Diets
    • It is important to note, that the vehicle lane configuration from Palatine Rd to Rosehill Drive is not changing, only the lane widths will be narrowed.  At Rosehill Drive, northbound Windsor Drive will consist of two through lanes and a bike lane.  Southbound Windsor Drive will consist of a single left turn lane, single right turn lane, single through lane, and a bike lane.  The southbound lanes will continue to have the "Do Not Block" pavement marking and signage. 
    • On-street parking between Lillian Ave and Dryden Ave will also remain. 
  • The Crabtree Drive crossing is proposed to include a pedestrian refuge island in the median as well as rapid rectangular flashing beacons. 
  • Modernizing the Windsor Drive/Valley Lane traffic signal include left turn phasing along Windsor Drive and countdown pedestrian signal heads. 
  • All existing ADA ramps will be replaced to meet current ADA standards.
Public Information Meeting 

In accordance with the Illinois Department of Transportation Bureau of Local Roads and Streets Requirements for Public Involvement Programs for projects using Federal Funds, a Public Information Meeting was held on November 8, 2023 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at Village Hall in the Buechner Room.   On October 26, 2023, the Village sent a total of 332 notifications directly to business and residents located along Windsor Drive since the proposed improvement is directly in front of or behind their home/business.  In addition, the Village posted two legal notices in the Daily Herald on October 24, 2023 and November 3, 2023.   In an effort to reach more of the community, the meeting was also advertised on the Village website and on social media.

The meeting was an open house format with exhibits displayed throughout the room.  Around thirty residents attended the meeting and actively engaged in discussions with Staff and the consultant.  

Disposition of Public Comments

At the November 8th Public Information Meeting for the Windsor Drive Improvement Phase 1 study, residents, business owners and other community members provided several questions and comments regarding the proposed improvement.  A comprehensive list of common questions and comments received through December 1, as well as a response from the Village can be found here.

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Project Schedule
This project is in its preliminary design phase, and construction would not be expected to begin until approximately 2026 or 2027. 

Project Information and Imagery
A public information meeting was held at Village Hall on November 8th, 2023. Exhibits, images, and detailed information was shared regarding the proposed project including:
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Traffic Study Documents 

Project Plan Imagery