Citizen Self Serve Portal For Online Permitting and Licensing

Village of Arlington Heights Citizen Self Portal (3)Online Permitting: Citizen Self-Service Portal
All residents, businesses, or contractors seeking a permit must utilize the Village's Citizen Self-Service Portal. The portal provides users with a robust user interface and helpful tools including a user profile that will allow submitters to track their permit process in real time, upload documents, schedule inspections and communicate with staff.

Businesses and Contractors
Get connected to our Citizen Self Serve Portal for all your licensing needs!  Once you create your account on the portal, please call the Building and Life Safety Services Department at 847.368.5560 and we will connect your license. 

Citizen Self-Service Portal

By signing up for the Village’s new Self-Serve Portal, users will:
  • Apply for building permits (fencing, decks, driveways, pools, etc.), upload documents, schedule inspections, communicate with staff, and track your permitting process
  • Experience a better user experience on desktop and mobile
  • Schedule a building permit inspection
  • Special Event Permits
  • Liquor Licenses
  • Business Licenses
  • Zoning Entitlements and Applications
Citizen Self-Service Portal "How-To" Videos 

How to Sign Up as a New User

Permitting Process Video: Step-by-Step Video on How to Navigate the Citizen Self-Serve Permitting Process


How to Navigate Your Online Permit Process Through the Citizen Self Service Portal